When Chef Guy Martin lets his hair down...

No, Guy Martin is not spending his entire life, merely chasing after stars, quite the contrary... After his collection of 50 recipes that you can’t mess up, easy enough for dumb blonds, the chef of the Grand Vefour is back with 50 recipes for spur-of-the-moment improvising, evenings in front of the fireplace. No elaborated meal plan this time, but a cheerful collection to fully nourish all the moments of life, without moderation. Between French bread and tuna fish pâté (rillettes), let’s get back to good old impromptu easy-going meals!

Long live spontaneity!

So when Guy Martin is not busy juggling with his stars, he is indeed pursuing his passion for demystifying gourmet cuisine. No surrealistic ingredients nor high-tech material needed here. "A la carte!” style, meals are whipped up after a walk, while guests are lazing around the sofa and improvised without reaching for run-of-the-mills foods from the cupboard. In brief, a refreshing return to culinary spontaneity and to impromptu, easy-going and warm invitations. "In double-quick time", "Tuna fish, it’s good", "The Spanish Apartment", "Lost bread, not for everyone"...: after nine chapters, we are guaranteed to be rid of any guilt feelings we may have had about not planning meals ahead of time or for taking the formality out of dinner invitations. Plainly and simply we will be reconciled with the love of food. So get your fondue forks ready to dig into the Reblochon Savoy cheese. Guy Martin reinvents gastronomic improvisation. All I can say is that I hope this trend will have long days ahead of it!

Novembre 2008
A la carte!
Editions Minerva
Price: 24 €