All heading for the Paris' Galerie des Gobelins!

Tea-time, a shopping break or a business luncheon in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the Plaza Athénée's Galerie des Gobelins which has been completely renovated, is surely the chic and gourmet address of the fall! On the menu, the carefully patinated finish and amber-coloured lighting deco, and a cleverly rethought menu. A must on your agenda!

The Plaza Athénée got a 'face-lift'

If you are passionate about high-tech and minimalist design, then this is not the place for you... The Galerie des Gobelins has been in renovated, but above all it has capitalized on an architecture sublimated by warm, amber-coloured, and consequently over-ornate lighting. Here and there, the chandelier drops gracefully shimmer, and you can not help but admire the interplay of lights with the volumes, the vaults and the columns. Further down, the gallery which reveals a potpourri of vegetal tonalities, gently leads to the Cour Jardin restaurant. The whole atmosphere does not of course spontaneously play the card of simple sobriety, but will charm you with its refined chic and intimate atmosphere.  Perfect setting for a sublime escapade....

Fashion show à la carte

Between Little summer dresses (for salads and starters), Start the show (for appetizers), Spring and tea collection (for tea time) or yet Hot fashion (for warm dishes), the menu takes on the air of a fashion show. For the finale, between lively luncheons, harp scrolls, hushed conversations and Christophe Michalak's sweets, the Plaza Athénée's Galerie des Gobelins offers a divine change of pace. Keep it a secret though!

Octobre 2008

La Galerie des Gobelins
Hôtel Plaza Athénée

25 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
Everyday, from 8h00 to 1h30
Reservation until 15h00

T : 01 53 67 66 00 
Price: 36 € for breakfast - 35/50 € for lunch- 25 € for tea (with pastries)


Designer: Pascale Benhamou, Agence PBD