Jura Whisky: A taste from the end of the earth

The Island of Jura counts hardly more than 180 individuals and 5000 stags!, and yet it is home to one of the oldest Scottish distilleries. Indeed, no telephone network here, but activities are completely turned towards contemplation and... whisky! A magical taste, with a touch of "the end of the earth" at it peaks in the 40 year old. Time out for a demonstration!
Between history and legends

On the Island of Jura, off the coast of Scotland, the change of scenery is total and the legends, of course, are flying around. A virgin land, loaded with history that was said to have inspired Homer on Charybdis and Scylla; an "impregnable fortress" where George Orwell, took refuge and produced the chilling 1984. The stage is set. It is therefore there, in these wild and fascinating lands that the amazing Jura Whisky distillery is nestled. A rare and refined malt, a subtle perfume transcended by the atmospheric fragrance of the island and its gentle maritime breeze. The result: the flavor is unique, exquisite, warm and complex, all at the same time. Purists will be delighted.

40 year old: in a very limited edition...

Authentic rarity, the 40 year old Jura single malt, will only make 120 lucky souls in the world and barely 8 individuals in France. Needless to say, it is necessary to hurry up in order to have the chance to taste this ideally fruited nose (mango, guava, kaki) on a touch of smoke, iodine and zest of citrus fruits, as well as this palate which is at the same time round and nervous. The long and wonderfully spiced finish becomes proud and, then, reveals a floral and herbaceous range on notes of blond tobacco, everything being done with much precision, from the beginning to the end. A venerable version of the Island of Jura, quite exceptional. Recommended for connoisseurs.
Mars 2008
Island of Jura, 40 years old
70 cl. - 45.1%
Production limited to 120 bottles including 8 for France