Pierre Gagnaire at Airelles: A journey of our senses in the land of Heidi!

Fantastic music for the senses to discover and sample fine food at PierreGagnaire's most recent gourmet "nest" in Airelles at Courchevel 1850.

The art of enhancing products
You too will be charmed by the creativity and the inventiveness displayed in the menu masterfully concocted by Pierre Gagnaire at Airelles. Plus Chef Jérôme Roy has a knack for preparing dishes with talent and simplicity. Indeed, he thrives on breathing new life into everyday foods; here the food is not only good, but also a real feast for the eyes!

A fairytale chalet
Airelles hotel has become so well known, that presentations are no longer necessary. It looks like an Austrian fairytale chalet established in one of the most famous ski resorts of Savoy, Courchevel 1850 where the art of living is full cultivated. This plush chalet has been recently equipped with a spa of 850 m² signed Valmont and 11 new suites, laid out and created by two famous architects, Richard Ferbach (the original architect of Airelles) and Christophe Tollemer for the spa.

A decor worthy of Sissi
With Séverine Petillaire-Bellet, the managing director of Airelles, her staff and Pierre Gagnaire, they thought up a completely new decor, a replica, on a smaller scale, of Empress Sissi's apartments, especially focusing on the spirit of the house.
Under ChristopheTollemer's leadership, a sumptuous and Baroque decor has therefore been achieved, rendering a meticulous restitution of the exact details of the decor at Sissi's Bavarian castle.
The art of tableware is signed Saint Louis for crystal glassware and Hermès for the crockery.
Contemporary art works (James Brown and David Nash) are also on display.
Table covers are limited to 27 and service is excellent. Here, in fact, everything is outstanding. Gastronomy obliges!


Mars 2008
(c) photos: Bergoend

My opinion
Don't hesitate to book at PierreGagnaire's, you will not be disappointed, and neither will be your wallet. Quality and inventiveness are awaiting you. Not to be missed!

Strong points: the decor is well in the sprit of Airelles, few tables, impeccable service and outstanding dining

Weak points: perhaps the menu has one dish too many! We would appreciate some background music too.

Pierre Gagnaire pour les Airelles
Jardin Alpin
73120 Courchevel 1850
T: + 33 (0) 4 79 00 38 38