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Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Just a few brief months ago the British capital opened its arms to multi-Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse and his 27th restaurant. On the menu we find inventive French cuisine marrying with dexterity ingredients that lend colour to that most notorious of cuisines, Anglo-Saxon cooking. Black truffles from the Périgord, Anjou pigeons, chutney, cheesecake, panoply of typically British vegetables as you've never seen them and Scottish prawns. The highlight of the interior decoration is the « table of light » in the centre of the dining room with its curtain of fibre optic lights. Just a few steps away are Park Lane and Hyde Park, completing the London scene. Welcome to Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester!

Menu and à la carte from £35

Lust for life in Bourgogne

Privilèges Voyages proposes a unique holiday behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Let loose on the roads of the Bourgogne region in France, you'll be in search of gastronomic delights on offer in the region. Three days of pure epicurean gratification on the roads of Joigny, Chablis and Saulieu, with stops in the finest Relais & Châteaux hotels and the best vineyards. Waiting for you at the end of a hard day's drive, the savoury delights of Bernard Loiseau and Georges Blanc...all this without drinking more than two glasses or going faster than 50km/h in town. Darling, will you drive?!

Price: from 2,918 € per person (3 days, 2 nights in a Deluxe room Relais & Châteaux, guided tour and vehicle)

Marrakech, opt for the simple life

Forget ostentatious luxury and the coldness of contemporary design, at the Villa Vanille everything resonates with pure simplicity. A few steps from the Medina, in the heart of Marrakech's palm groves, the Villa Vanille's riads sprawl throughout one and a half hectares, enveloped in luxuriant vegetation. The decor is a blend of French and Swedish, touched with orientalism. Warm and inviting, little by little the notion of time becomes more abstract, proof the sojourn was a success.

From 190 to 500€ a night. All the riads have a double bedroom and living room.

New York's new inside-outside sense

Pull-in, the French underwear company has opened its new concept store in the Big Apple, close to Greenwich Village. 70 square metres of black lacquered walls, chrome, leather and flattering lighting for these flashy yet comfortable undergarments. It's just a shame that today, with the demise of low waists, our underwear is less visible to all and sundry...

Prices according to model

Starry Berlin

Christian Lohse, chef of Fischers Fritz Restaurant of The Regent Hotel,Berlin has at last merited a second star from the renowned Michelin Guide. From today he can claim to be the only multi-starred chef in the German capital. His French inspired « maritime » cuisine greatly questions the cliché of a gastronomically challenged country content with variations on a theme of sausages and cabbage...Guten Appetit!

Fixed price menu and à la carte

Q1 - PC in your pocket (and your hand!)

Thanks to successive compression of formats and capacity, every day has been bringing us closer to a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) worthy of its name. Samsung has just brought to us its latest version of the Q1, with its AZERTY keyboard, Wifi, Bluetooth, webcam, tactile screen, hard disk of 60 Gb, built-in camera (of surprisingly poor quality), and long battery life... all contained in a feather-light, 690 gramme, 23.9 mm thick case. Perhaps still not sufficiently powerful, but the dream of a pocket-format computer is not far off...

799 to 1,086 €

Février 2008
The Dorchester
Park Lane, London W1K 1QA
Tel 020 7629 8866

Privilèges Voyages

Villa Vanille

252 Elizabeth Street
New York

The Regent Berlin - Fischers

Tél: 0825 08 65 65