A chocolate coloured world ...!

Cocoa is a natural stimulant, endowed with therapeutic benefits such as iron, magnesium, potassium and anti-cholesterol. It was also considered the Gods' food back to the Aztec era and now, it has become a powerful cosmetic active ingredient. Let's not deprive ourselves from all its benefits and abuse cocoa beans whether it is on our skin or in our mouth. Guaranteed to boost your energy and restore your good humour!

Caught in the act...

Be careful, having the Cream de Ganache from the Maison du Chocolat at home irreparably exposes you to being caught in the act of eating it greedily with a spoon... or with your fingers for the addicts. Made from dark and milk chocolate, this cream symbolises the fragile and subtle balance between the strength of darkchocolate and the smooth delicacy of milkchocolate. It is obvious that everyone needs to eat some every day...!

Price: 12 € for 245g

Jadis & chocolat: a treatment for chocolate addicts

When you are in love money is no object... The possibilities to enjoy the benefits of cocoa are multiple. So let's go to India & Spa for a Jadis & Chocolat special ritual. On the menu: a two-hour-and-a-half magical chocolate treatment including a chocolate bath, a facial, a chocolate scrub, a chocolate-flavoured shea butter wrap and a hot chocolate massage. Once your senses have been given a taste for it, this pure moment of chocolate-flavoured delight ends with a tasting of traditional chocolate. Yummie...

Price: €170

Grassmat: Wake up in chocolate...

At Grassmat, everything invites you to relax, as long as you have managed to get out of your bed... It is obvious that a whole range dedicated to chocolate inevitably finds its place here. For the addicts, we advise the scrubbing foam and Chocolate Mousse mask, made of cocoa butter to be applied while burning a Douceur d'intérieur milk chocolate candle. All this plunges us into unsuspected delights! For a little while we could slide back underneath the covers!

Price: From €20 to €31 (the chocolate range)

Phytochoc: strong in cocoa!

The benefits of chocolate are no secret anymore but only a few have identified the active ingredients of the chocolate bean and reunited them into an incredibly effective trio: cocoa polyphenols, cocoa proteins and silanol derivative, this is the challenge of Phytochoc from Nuxe. Result: your face is radiant, hydrated and shows less signs of ageing, all that without eating one single calorie.

Price: €28 for a lifting serum

Everything in chocolate at the Four Seasons

It is needless to say that chocolate is the star of the entirely chocolate-flavoured treatment of the palace. Here is what you will get: Hammam or sauna, chocolate and orange scrub, dark hot chocolate wrap, relaxing cocoa butter massage and of course, the indispensable chocolate tasting. The wellness is complete. No need to deprive oneself from such a delight to boost your moral and relax!

Price: Package "Everything in chocolate" 2h30 - €300

Mai 2008

Maison du Chocolat
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75008 Paris

India & Spa
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17 rue du Temple
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Four Seasons
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Package "Everything in chocolate"
- chocolate and orange scrub
- dark hot chocolate wrap
- chocolate tasting