Bewitching Seville!

What a pious city - its churches and daily prayers as much in evidence as its dedication to earthly pleasures - Seville will swallow you up in its daily life with all its extremes. Without succumbing to overt nostalgia for its rich past, the place moves at its own rhythm and excels at presenting its teeming history to visitors. Take a trip to this city with a mystical and passionate soul, and stay at the Hacienda la Boticaria as a home base.

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Slick Seville

Let yourself be intoxicated by the smell of the lemon trees and the orange blossom, so emblematic of this region, lose yourself in its little alleyways, hop from bar to bar. This is more than a way of life; it's an art, a philosophy. Wander from bodega to tasca, and snack on tapas while reinventing the world.
Seville's rich and tumultuous history is to be seen everywhere, on its walls and facades. Here Moorish art lives in harmony with classical, Gothic art with that of the Renaissance. At the turn in the cobblestone street, your eye alights on the frame of a doorway, on a delicate wrought iron gate or on the wonderful ornate balconies above, decorated in colourful azulejos (painted tiles).
Everywhere the strong influence of the Moors is present, in the fantastic palaces or in the old Giralda Minaret, now a Catholic bell tower. The minaret dating from the 12th Century dominates the cathedral, so vertiginous it seems to reach all the way to God. The cathedral is a fine example of the melding of cultures. Considered the largest Gothic edifice in the world, it was first a mosque, built between 1184 and 1198, before being consecrated as a cathedral in 1248.

La Casa Ramona, a beautiful Andalusian palace

This old Andalusian palace built in 1856 is now a luxury hotel, part of the Luxury Lifestyle group. Situated in the heart of Seville, it has conserved its old-world charms and a number of the original decorative mosaics. It is truly a charming boutique hotel with 26 rooms, benefiting from a ravishing rooftop terrace, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served when the weather permits. Inherited from the Arabic tradition, the hotel is built around and interior central courtyard. Rooms and suites, although not spacious, are well laid out and decorated in a light and contemporary style, with windows giving onto the internal courtyard. Moorish decor influences the communal areas. For those seeking a more private and tranquil retreat, the hotel offers the Alcazar Suite on two levels, with private terrace and 24 hour butler service. Certainly a plus! This delightful hotel is situated on the cathedral square and benefits from a unique view of the city centre.

L'Hacienda La Boticaria

After the tumult of city life, the Eurostars Hacienda La Boticaria, located 15 kilometres from Seville, seems a peaceful sanctuary. This unusual establishment with its vast spaces unites clean lines and modern decor with facades of warm colours that flirt between ochre, saffron and carmine red. The high-ceilinged lobby with its mezzanine makes for an inviting space. Your eye cannot help but be drawn towards the Patio aux Douze Palmiers, where a dancing fountain softens an imposing and otherwise austere courtyard.
As for the rooms, they overlook the surrounding countryside and are decorated in a classical style. The suites are particularly delightful, decorated by Jouy, and benefiting from large terraces, furnished with comfortable wrought iron chairs and tables.
Guests and golf devotees will appreciate the unveiling of an 18-hole golf course on the property in 2008.
Highly recommended are the offerings of the chef, who conjures up some sensational and original combinations. The Molino Blanco restaurant keeps its original architecture, stripped down, but warmed up by mural panels in blood red.

Modern spa

The spa is in startling and stunning contrast to the traditional architecture of the hotel. One is immersed into the new environment by passing through a corridor in which the only sound is that of water. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered with black paving stones, and one is guided to the spa by candlelight and points of blue light. Three black mineral baths, a jacuzzi, whirlpool with immersed seating, followed by a cold water dip offer an original aquatic experience.

After a day of pampering, a visit to the countryside is a must. See the blancos pueblos, or white villages, such as Ronda, birthplace of bull fighting, and Carmona, with its stunning Roman cemetery. You just have to open your eyes to understand the essence of Andalusia. A singular and magnificent exercise in contradiction, it is here that shadow and light flirt constantly together. 

Avril 2013
My opinion
The Hacienda La Boticaria is an unusual hotel, most notably because of its size and its location. 15 kilometres from Seville, a visit is particularly appealing during the summer months. Its 9-hole golf course (soon to be 18 holes) and its spa are a draw for the cooler winter months.
With an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, the heat of summer is not to be feared.
The rooms are spacious, and have been created with high summer temperatures in mind, implying shadiness.
As an alternative to a more rural experience, la Casa Ramona is ideal for a weekend break. Located in the heart of Seville, this boutique hotel with 26 bedrooms has a charming terrace, lending itself to a romantic escape.

Hacienda La Boticaria

Golf & Spa Resort
Alcalà-Utreta Km 12
41500 Alcala de guadaira

Casa Ramona Hotel
Calle trajano 15
41002 Seville
Tel: + 34 954 915 170
From 150 €/night for two

Where to eat
Hosteria del Laurel
This restaurant is located two steps from la Giralda.
Try the tapas, which are delicious, and create your meal by dipping into numerous warm and cold hors-d'œuvres.
Tapas from 6 €
Plaza de los Veneravles 5
Tel: 954 22 02 95

What to bring back
Ham - le Jaugo, try Pata Negra Bellota, a type of black pig, which grazes in open pastures and eats only acorns.
Xeres sherry - with its rich palette of aromas.
Amontillado sherry - with its subtle nutty flavour, goes well with smoked ham.
Manzanilla sherry - slightly bitter, to be drunk with seafood.

To see -
In Seville
The Cathedral and the Alcazar, at the city gates. Also, go for a walk through the back alleys to get the feel of life in this city.

Constructed on a rocky promontory, it is 30 kilometres from Seville. It's location and its history dating back over 1,000 years revealed in its houses and building will win over any visitor to Andalusia.
This town bears witness to many epochs of man, from pre-history to the Pleistocene era, through the Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras.
Not to miss, the Necropolis of Carmona.

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