Katya's Eye with Pauline Burgener, from the Burgener brand

A Brilliant Smile and Benevolent Demeanor, Pauline Burgener, owner of the prestigious Dr. Burgener brand, founded in 1955 by her illustrious father-in-law, graciously welcomes me for a delightful breakfast at the Four Seasons Paris, where she has established her spa for a decade now.

An Analysis of the Skin Composed of Experts

As a skincare expert, this renowned brand offers Haute Couture treatments that are entirely personalized and tailor-made, precisely addressing the needs of each client after a thorough assessment, meticulous analysis, and deciphering conducted by her team and herself.

Aim for Global Well-being

Selfi of Doctor Burgener - © Dr Burgener Switzerland

Aiming for overall well-being, Pauline consistently refers to the concept of "better aging" rather than anti-aging, subtly emphasizing that we are all destined to experience the effects of time. However, she emphasizes the importance of combating these effects and taking care of our bodies and skin, not only to delay their manifestation but also to achieve total well-being, extending far beyond superficial appearance.

A Scientific Approach and Cutting-edge Swiss Technology

Clinic - © Dr Burgener Switzerland

Benefiting from a scientific approach and cutting-edge Swiss technology, Pauline Burgener was born in Lebanon before relocating to Rio de Janeiro in 1976, amidst the Lebanese civil war. She then pursued her studies in Lausanne, where she obtained her doctorate and post-doctorate in biology. At that time, in the 1980s, molecular biology was flourishing.

She utilized her solid scientific training to serve her father-in-law's brand, Dr. Marc Burgener, a renowned aesthetic surgeon. In 1995, she acquired the brand with the aim of developing a comprehensive approach to aging. Switzerland, already recognized for its technological advancements, saw its product excellence enriched with glacier water and stem cells from Edelweiss, cultivated specifically to obtain cells with exceptional anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Aging and Epigenetics

Cabin - © Dr Burgener Switzerland

These are topics that passionately interest Pauline Burgener. When asked about the possibility of slowing down aging, she confidently asserts that not only is it possible, but Switzerland is actually at the forefront of the fight against aging with its advancements in regenerative medicine. She also emphasizes that our lifestyle choices, diet, physical activity, and stress levels, known as epigenetics, have a significant influence on our aging process.

"In fact, our lifestyle choices not only affect ourselves but also future generations. For example, if you smoke, it directly influences your genes and those of your descendants. Your children will inherit your lifestyle and the detrimental genes," she explains.

An Eminent Expertise in Skin Analysis

Cabin - © Dr Burgener Switzerland

According to Pauline, the Burgener brand transcends the mere notion of cosmetics, injecting a scientific and medical dimension into daily life, positioning itself as a genuine spa support system.
"This accomplishment is based on our expertise, which notably comprises prestigious physicians such as Dr. Nicolas Chami and Dr. Hadrien Loton, as well as experienced dermatologists. We meticulously analyze each client to better understand their specific needs."

A Personalized Approach Worthy of Haute Couture
This analysis method encompasses multiple parameters, including hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, sensitivity, sebum, wrinkle depth, and pore size, among others. The results obtained from this evaluation translate into the creation of tailor-made products and a three-month "therapy box" that corresponds to the natural cycle of skin renewal and regeneration. These holistic treatments provide comprehensive care for both the skin and the health of our clients.

Personalized Advice

Product of beauty - © Dr Burgener Switzerland

According to Pauline Burgener, "During these precious moments of care, our therapists also provide essential advice to their clients, such as the importance of rigorous skincare cleansing, a fundamental basis. They also educate about the
benefits of facial peeling, which eliminates dead skin cells using ultrasound. A thorough massage complements this beneficial approach, and specific products from our range, some containing gold, vegan green caviar with powerful repairing properties, or collagen boosters, are applied based on each individual's skin needs.

Our repertoire boasts over twenty exceptional treatments, each specialized in their respective field. They are tailored according to the assessment conducted for each client, taking into consideration the location and culture of the country where these treatments will be provided."

Her advice to women: "Taking time to care for oneself is learning to age gracefully and manage it better."

Her greatest luxury: "To anticipate what the client needs before they even know it!" (smile)

Octobre 2023
Under the name of Dr. Burgener, an empire dedicated to skincare unfolds.
There is the B-mediC clinic that combines medicine, aesthetic and holistic approaches, nutrition, and sports coaching. There is also a laboratory that manufactures products based on customer analysis.
Finally, the brand expands worldwide through a network of luxury hotels (including Four Seasons around the world, as well as Six & Senses establishments, Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Carlton in Cannes, Atlantis hotel in Dubai, and more).