The new Leading Hotel in Zanzibar: The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

Come and explore the hidden gems of East Africa in Zanzibar, a charming Tanzanian archipelago located in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, which harbors a fascinating history. It is here, on the main island of Unguja, known as "Zanzibar," that the Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort was born in December 2022.

Discover with Katya Pellegrino

A bit of history

The beach - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

Zanzibar, a name that evokes dreamy images of distant lands, palaces, incense, and Arabesque or Omani architecture. For centuries, the region has been a hub of trade in gold, ivory, and spices, attracting merchants from all over the world. Beyond material wealth, Zanzibar has witnessed some of the most significant events in the history of East Africa. Over the centuries, Zanzibar has been occupied and influenced by different cultures, including Persians, Arabs, Indians, and Europeans. These influences have shaped the architecture, cuisine, music, and culture of the archipelago, creating a unique blend of local and foreign traditions found throughout the island. However, one of the darkest moments in Zanzibar's history was the slave trade. In the 19th century, the archipelago was one of the most important centers of the East African slave trade. Thousands of slaves were captured, taken to the coasts of Zanzibar, and sold in markets in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Fortunately, this was abolished by the end of the 19th century, thanks to the pressure from European abolitionists and the intervention of the British Empire. Since then, Zanzibar has undergone a cultural and economic renaissance, becoming an attractive tourist destination.

Contemporary Rooms with Omani and African Influences

The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort
The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort
Garden Junior Suites - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort is located in the northeast part of Zanzibar and bears the signature of Leading Hotel of the World. This complex has 300 rooms scattered on both sides of a vast pool that sprawls before your eyes, insolent and languid, surrounded by immaculate tiles. Upon entering the room, a central bed with its folded mosquito net is accompanied by some animal paintings evoking the BIG Five! These are judiciously reflected in a mirror placed on the opposite wall, allowing you to dream of safaris at leisure. Some objects scattered in the room bring an African and Omani touch. A balcony terrace completes this space, occupied by two armchairs for lounging at sunset, facing the garden. You may regret not having a view of the nearby azure ocean.

Gastronomy Galore!

The restaurant - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

Situated high up, under the shade of parasols, your gaze wanders across the vastness of the Indian Ocean. Musical sounds accompany guests throughout the day as they laze on their sun loungers, reddening under the scorching rays of the sun. Descend a few steps, and the gastronomy part extends over several hundred meters to delight the cravings of each guest. If you're in the mood for a snack, head to the Beach Bar Grill, which offers pizzas, pasta, seafood, or grills of all kinds. Otherwise, the Eclipse Bar will also be convenient, located in the center of the complex. If you prefer more exotic or international cuisine, Aqua is the place for you, with its buffet overflowing with stations and all kinds of products: self-prepared salads, local cuisine with curry, chicken masala, lamb stew, beef, chicken, eggs in all forms, fish, octopus in sauce, coconut rice, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and vegetarian dishes, and many other delights to satisfy

A massage or nothing at all

The Spa - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

After indulging in the sun and immaculate beach with its countless yellow sun loungers, taking on the waves (for the sea is a bit rough here, catching the eastern winds), or simply lounging by one of the pools, it is time to visit the spa and entrust your body to an expert therapist with an oriental touch.
With a range of massages available, from Thai to Balinese, deep tissue to reflexology, one can drift off into a dreamlike state. After regaining composure and soothing the skin, it's time to savor the night's delights.

Garden Pool Bar - © The Emerald Hotel & Spa Resort

Start with a drink at the Garden Pool Bar, surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sea. Then comes the difficult choice: Carnivorous, a steakhouse with a Brazilian style, where meat reigns supreme and is prepared in the traditional South American Churrascaria style. Alternatively, there is the Asian restaurant where expertly-trained chefs grill authentic Asian cuisine right at the table. Or perhaps Aqua, with its endless buffet options. The evening will culminate at the Beach Living Club, moving to the beat of Pharrell Williams!

Tomorrow is a new day!
Mai 2023
In my opinion, this new hotel complex is a bit sterile and lacks greenery, but with time the newly-planted trees will mature. It can be likened to a club as it offers full-board, unlimited drinks (even alcohol), and activities all day.
A joy for families, where even ice cream is unlimited! I recommend it for those who enjoy the club atmosphere and wish to avoid any unpleasant surprises with the bill at the end of their stay. Let the kids play in peace while you lounge by the pool or dance to the music at the Beach Bar & Living. In addition, the modern, comfortable, and stylish rooms come with a terrace, two beautiful pools, a rooftop nightclub, several restaurants, and a gorgeous spa!
On the other hand, it is not recommended for those who seek tranquility, greenery, and a park-like setting, the peaceful and authentic charm of a smaller, more intimate establishment with exclusive service and colonial charm.

Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa

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