The lovely green terrace of the Jardins de Presbourg

Just a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe, The Jardins du Presbourg offers you an escape into nature. With its outdoor planted garden designed in a bucolic and rural style, it offers beneficial shade on sunnier days and cheers you up with its luscious greens when in need for a nature boost. The perfect setting for a nice meal and a breath of fresh air.

Review with Katya Pellegrino

The Green Facade

The Jardins du Presbourg Garden Room - © Angela Di Paolo

On one of the avenues leading off the Arc de Triomphe, a green facade hides a restaurant and its terrace with dreamy notes creating a kitsch and bucolic place. This address, revived by Thierry and Gilbert Costes, has been given a new lease of life.

Country-style decoration

La Place Jardins du Presbourg - © Angela Di Paolo

Martin Brudnizki, who also designed the famous London club "Annabel", came up with a country-style decoration for the Jardins du Presbourg, favouring pastel colours which are found in the cushions, the armchairs, and the benches. A few metal sculptures run across the ceiling, two luminous columns provide warm reflections for the evening, paintings of rural scenes adorn certain walls. From spring onwards, the terrace takes on colours and is enlivened by the rustle of the wind in the foliage. The surrounding wall of vegetation keeps you out of sight and blocks the city noise.

Delicious Cocktails at the Bar - © Angela Di Paolo

Gourmet cuisine

Burrata and beetroot salad - © Angela Di Paolo
Quinoa, Pomgrenade and Avocado - © Angela Di Paolo

From brunch to dinner or the after party, the Jardins du Presbourg promises a gourmet cuisine and a festive atmosphere that builds to a crescendo as soon as night falls. On your plate, you will find the creations of the Beaumarly establishments, a chic brasserie style, with vegetal proposals such as beetroot and burrata, quinoa, pomegranate and avocado, seasonal velouté, spinach shoot and truffle or sea bass, ceviche and calamansi vinegar. For the main course, we fall for the Grenoble-style sea bass with just the right amount of cooking or the original and delicious veggie burger. For sweets, why not the cheesecake or the French toast with red fruits!
Mai 2022
By Luxe Magazine
My opinion:
A chic and dreamy brasserie, well located a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe.
For all those who like the atmosphere of the Beaumarly restaurants, they will not be disappointed. For the bill, however, count on 60 to 80 € with a glass of wine

Les Jardins de Presbourg
3, avenue de la Grande- Armée,
Paris XVIe.
Tel. 01 45 00 24 77.