Henry Jacques: an Enchanting Perfume Saga

There are perfumes that must be chosen in the privacy of a boudoir or a palace. This is how Henry Cremona, creator of the House of Henry Jacques, conceived his profession as perfumer in the 75s.Today, under the direction of his daughter, the House of Henry Jacques is stepping into the light but without denying its soul. Born near the French perfume town Grasse, with the philosophy to conquer the world of perfumes via the rarest and most qualitative essences exclusively for private customers, the Henry Jacques house created by Henry Cremona has developed discreetly for many years and is now entering a new era.

In a new light

Anne-Lise Cremona takes over the reins of Henry Jacques, "Maison de Haute Parfumerie Vivante". - © Henry Jacques

Although unknown to the general public, Henry Jacques has managed to built up a high-flying international clientele, seduced by the art of composing tailor-made perfumes, based on the house's exceptional know-how. The evolution of the perfumery market in the 1990's put these exceptional houses under the bushel, although there is and always will be an exclusive circle of great perfume lovers and collectors. Today, taking into account these evolutions, the new generation is asserting itself at the head of the company through the personality of Anne-Lise Cremona. This step marks an aspiration to gain visibility without betraying the spirit of excellence. The objective? To bring an extraordinary perfume house and its precious heritage into the 21st century.

The treasure of the collections

The bottles also reveal a constant search for elegance and perfection in everything that bears the Henry Jacques signature. - © Henry Jacques

From his meeting with one of the last great noses of the old French perfumery tradition, Henry Cremona has imagined a perfume house impregnated with the taste for absolute refinement, the quest for rarity and perfection. It instinctively found its place in the most demanding circles and for decades it was dedicated solely to the creation of bespoke perfumes. Each request was a new perfume, each one creating a new memory, awakening a lost emotion. The number of creations developed over the years according to this vocation, constitutes today a marvellous treasure of more than 3000 formulas. From 2011 onwards, Anne-Lise Cremona gathered the most beautiful creations of the Henry Jacques House to propose new lines without abandoning the bias of the exceptional. Aesthetes, perfume lovers and collectors now have the opportunity to discover the three lines born from this magnificent capital of fragrances, once developed as unique compositions, like the prototypes and creations of a great couturier.

Create your own fragrance identity.

With 50 different scents, "Les Classiques" symbolise a refined art of living, embodied in a sophisticated palette of Essences, Mists and even Solids, allowing everyone to choose their own ritual. The Essences, in their precious crystal bottle, revive a forgotten gesture. Given their exceptional concentration, one drop and one drop alone is enough. It is applied in a delicate gesture, with the help of a fine crystal stem that plunges from the cap into the bottle and allows the perfume to be applied directly to the skin. Slowly, it unfolds its full power, amplifying into an intimate and charnel accompaniment. The Mists created in 2019 transform a practice that has become almost mechanical into a sensory immersion of delicate precision. The spray has benefited from meticulous engineering to perfectly control the airborne diffusion of the perfume for 28 and, eventually, the 50 "Classics".

Prefer the Exception.

The crystal "Toupies" (Spinning Tops) are presented as a duo. - © Henry Jacques

Their name alone says it all; for lovers of rarity, the "Toupies (Spinning Tops)" or "Renaissance" lines combine the rarity of the fragrance with the preciousness of a crystal bottle with an original shape. The "Toupies" are available as a duo. To date, 3 pairs of crystal "Toupies" have been created, challenging each other. Inspired by jewellery, the "Renaissance" collection (6 editions) reinvents the "golden age" of perfumery: "the Renaissance", a time when essences were still elixirs, reminiscent of distant lands full of mystery. Christophe Tollemer, the artistic director of Henry Jacques, has imagined fabulous fragrances as extraordinary journeys through space and time. As for custom-made perfumes, they remain a living specificity of the Henry Jacques house, master in the art of creation from a fabulous range of 260 components.

Inventing showcase boutiques.

The creation of a dedicated space on the 6th floor of the Harrod's shop in London inaugurated the beginning of a new era for Henry Jacques. - © Henry Jacques

This vision seduced Harrod's. The famous high end London based shop imagined an innovative concept dedicated to perfumes with the opening of a specific space dedicated to the house of Henry Jacques, designed as a refined boudoir in the heart of the 6th floor of the Brompton Road shop. Following this success, other openings followed in several major cities around the world, each tailored to present these unique collections. Paris will soon be no exception, with the opening this spring of a magnificent space right in the heart of the 8th arrondissement. Featuring a garden, a symbol of the joy of living through perfume, this will be the first Parisian address for Henry Jacques and its "Haute Parfumerie Vivante".

An object of excellence.

In titanium, carbon and soon in more jewelled versions, "Clic-Clac" is a case like no other. - © Henry Jacques

After the 3, 6 or 10 perfume box, a real "dressing room" for the selected perfumes, Henry Jacques shows his taste for excellence and creativity. "Clic-Clac" is an original object that allows you to keep your favourite perfumes as close to you as possible. Ultra-contemporary through the purity and simplicity of its lines, resolutely masculine, "Clic-Clac" is an intimate and intriguing object that reveals its allure. In its material and mechanism of watchmaking precision, hides an intimate part of its owner who can insert, in the form of interchangeable capsules, his or her favourite "Classics". Completely remaining true to oneself.
Mai 2022
By Claire CAYLA
Shopping Henry Jacques.
List of boutiques on the website

Perfumes "Classics" range: 15ml bottle, "Vert Galant", Rose Snow", 528 euros. "Rose Bulgare", 1,360 euros. "Oud Suprême", 3,600 euros.

The "Clic-Clac" is available at a price of 30,000 euros in Titanium, 36,000 euros TTC in carbon. Gold and jewellery versions are to come.

A capsule is obviously included with the purchase of the object.
The case can be found in the shop during a consultation or by special order.