Guerlain's mythical Bee Bottle sparkles in Swarovski

Ever since it was founded in 1828, the history of French Maison Guerlain has been closely connected with the artists and artisans. The young Swiss couturier Kévin Germanier revisited Guerlain’s legendary Bee flask by adorning it with an eco-responsable Swarovski dress. True Haute Couture in only 11 bottles!

Guerlain’s heritage and the future

Kévin Germanier - © Guerlain
Swarovski Bee Bottle - © Guerlain

The Swiss designer Kévin Germanier, is known for creating desirable objects with sustainable materials. With upcycled fabrics he creates exquisite garments, giving new life to discarded materials and transform them into something dazzling. His approach convinced French perfume House Guerlain to invite him for a collaboration on a very limited-edition perfume bottle. With a unique embroidery technique on silicone, Germanier managed to assemble a myriad of discarded Swarovski crystals to dress the shape of Guerlain’s iconic bee bottle from Pochet du Courval. Once each Bee Bottle has received its one-of-a-kind glittering gown, they are entrusted to Guerlain’s famous Dames de Table, who keep the heritage of Haute Perfumery alive. The Dames de Table wind a silk thread around the collar and fasten it with a golden seal.

Cuvée Secrète

Swarovski Bee Bottle - © Guerlain

Maison Guerlain, founded in 1828, was only 25 years old when it created an Eau de Cologne for the very young Empress Eugenie. For the occasion, the bottle was adorned with the imperial bee, embellished with graceful festoons, like a ceremonial dress. Today the House brings together the worlds of perfumery and Haute Couture in a modern and responsable way. Each bottle holds La Cuvée Secrète, an Eau de Cologne that matches the joyful radiance of a Cologne with the unique, powerful sillage of a perfume. The peppery Bergamot, a signature of Guerlain perfumers for the past two hundred years, is accompanied by the sparkle of lemon, the sweetness of orange, and the finesse of lavender. A fresh and subtle fragrance becomig powderier over the hours.
Juillet 2021
Limited to just 11 numbered, one-liter bottles at €10,000.