La Dolce Vita at Hotel de Russie

Rome the Eternal City, immortalized by the famous film director Federico Fellini, with the voluptuous Anika Ekberg and the no less seductive Marcello Mastroianni representing the "Dolce Vita" par excellence! Just a stone's throw from the Piazza del Popolo, and not far from the Spainish Steps, the Hotel de Russie (frequented at the time by the Russian aristocracy as well as the social and artistic elite - Picasso, Jean Cocteau, ... ) carefully preserves its hidden treasures behind the 19th century (1814) façade which was designed by Giuseppe Valadier, who is also the architect of the Plaza del Popolo.

A warm welcome

Once over the threshold and the city noise becomes no more than a whisper and a vision of the garden of Eden unfolds in front of your eyes, with a sumptuous bouquet of flowers perched on a pedestal on a round table in the lobby, displaying its vegetal beauty. Near the entrance, a very pretty and cosy lounge invites you to unwind in an intimate atmosphere, decorated with comfortable and generous sofas, the perfect ambiance to savour a frothy cappuccino or to opt for the first Aperol Spritz of the day.

A variation of soft shades

After having roamed the streets in all directions in this city that is worth walking around with your nose in the air, and letting history speak to you on every street corner, a little relaxation time in the bedroom is in order. The architect-decorator Tommaso Ziffer in duo with the interior designer and sister of Sir Rocco Forte, Olga Polizzi, worked closely together to create a cosy atmosphere combined with historical reminders. Soft shades ranging from moss green to almond green through bottle green or celadon, punctuated with orange or turquoise highlights, are found here and there, in the fabrics and materials of the cushions, chairs, armchairs and wall decorations. For the art lovers, there are even some generous cushions illustrated with Picasso drawings with the portrait of Dora Maar. The pleasant space layout of the rooms and their refined and contemporary atmosphere offer the ultimate environment for a moment of “il dolce far niente”.

The Russian Garden, an Eden

At sunset, it’s time to discover the secret garden of Hotel de Russie, the garden of Eden everyone is talking about, and settle in one of the armchairs of the "Russian Garden" terrace restaurant and enjoy this haven of tranquillity right in the middle of the buzzing city. The architect Giuseppe Valadier knew exactly how to make this a special place with its lush garden on different levels, just like a park, on 2800 m², with architectural pieces amidst the vegetation, stone balustrades, sculptures and a fountain. In the background you discover the famous Villa Borghese and the Colline Pincio, which gives you the impression of infinity.

Italian Cuisine by Fulvio Pierangelini

A magical place, where it is fashionable to taste a Bellini at the Stravinskij bar and then to sit down under a parasol and let yourself be tempted by the delicious Italian cuisine of Fulvio Pierangelini with an exquisite delicately scented pink salt sea bass, a spaghetti al dente à la Vongole or the Cacio and Peppe ravioli dish. Everything is a pure delight! To top it off, I cannot recommend you enough to try the Tiramisu and enjoy the sweet seduction of this classic Italian dessert! And then the next day, after a good night sleep between the soft, silky sheets, and a king's breakfast served in the garden, Rome awaits you with all its wonders and history. But you know already that one stay will not be enough and like the call of a siren, you will not be able to resist the urge to come back!
Juillet 2021
My opinion:
Hotel de Russie is a perfect place for lovers and couples to explore the marvellous city of Rome, the eternal city. Ideally located in the heart of Rome, its interior garden is a real place of calm and appeasement, far from the urban bustle. The food is divine, the service is top notch and you completely forget about time. An Imperative place to visit if you go to Rome, to stay there in one of the nice cosy but contemporary rooms or at least have diner or a drink in this garden of Eden.

Hotel de Russie (Rocco Forte group)
Via del Babuino, 9,
00187 Roma RM,
T ° +39 06 328881