Hautlence Sphere 02: a new dimension of time

With the new HL Sphere 02, the relatively young Swiss watch brand Hautlence offers watch collectors a whole new way of displaying time. While reconnecting with its original DNA and returning to its fundamentals, Hautlence continues to revolutionize with its latest HL Sphere 02 model, fitted with the brand's eighth manufacture caliber.

The Blue Sphere

Sphere 02 - © Hautlence
The case of the HL Sphere 02, in white gold, features a “TV screen” shape, going back to the signature model’s look, so dear to Hautlence. Occupying the left part of the case, the sapphire crystal small dome, displaying the blue sphere, is a real eye-catcher. It has twelve engraved numerals and spins on itself on three axes of rotation to reveal the time. This hypnotic ballet, which at first glance seems totally random, on the contrary, responds to a very precise choreography, orchestrated by a differential comprising four bevel gears which move around two crossed axes inclined at 21 degrees.

Vintage Allure

Sphere 02 - © Hautlence
To the right of the sphere is a retrograde minute, the hand, which moves along a fine and elegant minute track, opens onto the movement, revealing part of the balance. Through this opening, we see the cog train appear which slows down the travel of the minute hand when it returns to zero, regulating its speed in order to limit shocks. We can also see, under the minute hand, the differential and the limaçon enabling the jumping hour to be triggered. The minute track, as well as the applied diamond-coated minute numerals in metallic blue, are set on an intermediate grained rose gold dial. The aesthetics of this dial give the HL Sphere 02 a deliciously vintage allure, contrasting with the resolutely contemporary side of this creation.

Perfectly Balanced

Sphere 02 - © Hautlence
On the movement side, the HTL 501-1 manual-winding caliber beats at the heart of the HL Sphere 02 model. Entirely developed, designed and produced by Hautlence watchmakers, this movement is technically and aesthetically perfectly accomplished. The skeletonized balance bridge allows you to admire the oscillations of the homemade hairspring, produced by Precision Engineering AG, the sister company of Hautlence. Also skeletonized, the drum and the ratchet reveal the barrel spring, thus providing a visual power reserve indication that is as simple as it is ingenious.

Sphere 02 - © Hautlence
Equipped with balanced proportions, the HL Sphere 02 model is compact and can be worn on any occasion, adjusting perfectly to the wrist with an alligator leather strap, the same blue as the sphere, completing the set. The HL Sphere 02 is a fully in-house made piece of Haute Horlogerie at its finest form. Definitely a watch to watch!

Limited Edition of only 28 pieces

Price on demand
Décembre 2020
By Marjolaine LOVES