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To educate, distract and nourish oneself could be the three cardinal values of this extraordinary period. Not to forget, for the most clairvoyant, investing in safe values. The eye of Luxe Magazine is wide open to spot interesting learning options, ways to enjoy your favorite music or feast with your family around a barbecue. In short, stay healthy, stay positive!

Montblanc Smart Headphones: stay tuned!

Montblanc Smart Headphones

Montblanc unveiled its first connected headset, designed for optimal comfort, increased functionality with uncompromising quality. When we – finally! – can start to travel again, we will appreciate, in addition to the crystal-clear sound quality, the compact side of this elegant foldable travel companion. We bet that this one will accompany you on all your business trips in the future and already now will brighten up your confined but nevertheless productive days! Connoisseurs will like the active noise cancelling mode and the aesthetes will love the ergonomic design and comfort, combined with noble materials, worthy of the House of Montblanc. It includes the Google Assistant with voice control, and features supported by a wide range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS and Android.
Retail price: 595€

Exciting and salutary: a museum podcast to get a better view on life

"Pour que nature vive"

Would you like to have a better understanding about life? This topical preoccupation is now within reach with the podcast “pour que nature vive” from the Natural History Museum in Paris. Researchers share their knowledge to make you understand the complexity of nature and how to better preserve it! The first series of 12 episodes is programmed for 2020, with a new episode each week.
The podcast is available on all podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Spotify), the Museum’s website and social media.

Investments: set in stone

Lorenz Bäumer

For Lorenz Bäumer it’s obvious that with the collapse of the stock markets, including certain safe haven values, and the risk of a liquidity crisis haunting financial actors, it’s important to diversify your assets. According to this specialist, it’s still necessary to make a rigorous and personalized selection, reflecting specific expectations (liquidity, availability, transmission, speculation etc.). This is why, in the actual chaotic context, Lorenz Bäumer offers his 30 years of experience, to guide his clients to invest in a collection of precious gemstones. Fully confidential, of course!

Autumn and barbecue, not compatible? Well, here’s the good news!

Le barbecue joue les nomades avec Carlo de Barbecook

Even now, when the leaves start turning red and yellow, temperatures are still high and the temptation to get the barbecue out once more gets stronger. To enjoy the outdoor feeling, we welcome Carlo, the latest edition to the Barbecook brand: this lightweight 4.6 kg charcoal barbecue can but used on your balcony and, for the lucky ones, in your garden or accompany you on your outdoor activities. We like the fan for a constant and adjustable fire and that its walls remain cold. Your neighbors will also appreciate the smokeless grills, thanks to the ventilation system.
Septembre 2020
By Luxe Magazine
The headphones come in three models: black leather with chrome metallic finishes, brown leather with golden metallic finishes and gray leather with polished metallic finishes. Delivered in a fabric pouch with USB type C charging cable, audio cable and airplane adapter. Available in Montblanc stores worldwide and online.
Retail price 595€

Podcast “pour que nature vive”
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris – 01 40 79 56 01 –

Lorenz Bäumer CONTACT
+ 33 1 42 86 99 33
19 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
Monday to Saturday from 11h to 19h

Available in yellow, urban grey, khaki green, sky blue and red pepper. On sale in DIY stores and garden centers.
Recommended retail price: 139€