Solaris Power 48 Open - BOAT OF THE YEAR 2020

Debuted at the Cannes yacht festival, Solaris Power 48 Open made a splash

“Best of Breed”

Solaris Power 48 OPEN - Running

Solaris Power 48 Open has been recognised by a jury of top European experts as the " Best of Breed ", with its unique and attractive design and undisputed navigation technology, and the forry based shipyard has become the world's leading brand and benchmark in the yachting industry.
Within a year of the launch of its first yacht, Solaris Power has built a strong brand presence in the yacht market and gained the love of many customers.
The new Solaris Power 48 Open was conceived and developed by a dream team of Norberto Ferretti, Brunello Acampora and Giuseppe Giuliani. The yacht offers a number of unique features that allow you to enjoy unprecedented comfort.

Function & appearance

Solaris Power 48 OPEN - Cockpit
Solaris Power 48 OPEN - Garage
Solaris Power 48 OPEN - Cabin
Solaris Power 48 OPEN - Stern view

Even in bad weather, the Solaris Power 48 Open is safe: it USES less fuel, has greater range and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. As a yacht, it can achieve low noise and zero vibration, anchor timing stability is excellent. There is also a more intimate comfort design, with side terraces that can be opened, and a 20% increase in the cockpit area to increase the space. Inside there are two cabins and two bathrooms.
On the main deck, there is a sunbathing area with a shaded headrest. In the rear, there is a small bar with two benches in the cockpit and a table in the middle, making it an excellent place to eat or drink an aperitif. As for the interior layout, there are two different options: but both include a master bedroom. There are two wardrobes and a beauty section. During the day, the cabin is bright and the porthole can be opened, while at night, the LED lights can be turned on.
The Solaris Power 48 Open is an unprecedented innovation in technology compared to existing yachts on the market. The exterior design is elegant and intellectual, the interior layout is detailed and clear, and the practicality and comfort are satisfactory. Two engines are available: the Volvo IPS 600 or 650, with a top speed of more than 35kts. The average cruise is 20 kilometers and the range is about 300 miles.

Looking for the future

Solaris Power 48 OPEN - stern

Solaris Power series is already planning further research and more investment in the Open model. Let's see!
Mai 2020
By Luxe Magazine