Rolex watches were presented to Julian Nott, the pioneer in balloon flight

Three Rolex watches, each associated with a record-breaking flight, were given to Julian Nott, the ballooning pioneer, at a Heritage Auctions watch sale

To the legendary pioneer

Heritage Auctions gave legendary ballooning pioneer Julian Nott three Rolex watches at a Heritage auction in New York on Dec. 10, 2019.
In terms of altitude and distance, Julian Nott has taken ballooning to new heights and helped develop ballooning techniques, such as using solar energy and allowing balloons to fly in extreme temperatures. He set 79 world ballooning records and 96 British airways records before dying in March 2019.
For many years, Rolex brand has been loved by consumers for its accuracy and excellent performance, in a very bad environment, Rolex products have strong resistance. In 1927, for example, Mercedes Gleitze wore a Rolex Oyster watch during her 10-hour swim across the English channel.

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 1655 Explorer II

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 1655 Explorer II - © Heritage Auctions,

The matte black dial features a 40mm stainless steel case with a tritium hour marker and shines with white glowing pointer. A stainless steel bracelet and flip lock with the Rolex logo are engraved on the case, dial and movement. This Explorer II was released and used in 1974 and is valued at more than 20,000 US dollars.
In 1972, Nott broke his own balloon height record in Bhopal, India, from 35,971 feet to 45,836 feet. After a long and years of preparation, Nott and co-pilot Felix Boll flew over central India in January 1974, setting a new world record, the largest balloon flight ever. The flight coincided with the Rolex multi-national print campaign, and Nott and the Rolex Explorer II he wore were indestructible. Thanks to Julian Nott and Felix Pole, "the effort, Rolex Oyster watches can now exist at an altitude of 45,000 feet.

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 16760 GMT-Master II

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 16760 GMT-Master II - © Heritage Auctions,

Five years ago, Nott and ball set a world record over central India, but five years later, Chauncey Dunn again surpassed the record at 53,206 feet over Iowa, inspiring Nott to challenge for a higher level to regain the title. After 13 months of preparation, Nott rose about 70 minutes above Colorado until he reached an altitude of 55,134 feet while wearing a Rolex with his name on it.
With a 40mm stainless steel case, a black dial, tritium hour scale and a dark grey minute track, and a light-emitting pointer skeleton, a Rolex chain and clamshell lock, the master II is valued at more than 17,000 US dollars.

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 16013

Rolex, The Julian Nott Collection Ref. 16013 - © Heritage Auctions,

The valuation of more than 5,000 US dollars, the Rolex Award issued by Rolex in 1984, represents "enterprise spirit." For 15 years, Knott has been planning an uninterrupted balloon flight around the globe-but it wasn't Knott that eventually completed the mission, but Swiss psychiatrist pilot Bertrand Picard.
This watch features a 36 mm stainless steel gold case with a champagne dial with gold-plated hour markers and gold luminous hands. With self-winding movement and 27 jewels, Rolex logo on case, dial and movement.
Juin 2020
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