Jacques Maximin, new captain of Rech Restaurant

Alain Ducasse's old friend cooks Atlantic ocean's fishes for lunch, and Mediterranean ones for diner.

Alain Ducasse chose his friend of thirty years to be the steady hand of Rech , his fish restaurant of the avenue des Ternes, to organize a Iodized culinary journey and typical of the sea or the ocean, according to the destination chosen by the new captain. Jacques Maximin shares with the Michelin-starred chef the love of the cuisine of the product: "What I cook, I decide at the market. It's always the market that drives", smiles the Best Worker of France who likes to juggle the techniques of cooking, maceration and reduction.

His menu, which gives pride of place to cooking papillote - one of his specialties, displays a surprising Ice lobster milk, a Yellow line place to chanterelles or a Haddock confit with aniseed butter, without forgetting the signature dishes of the Rech: Rayon wing , Carpaccio of mullet with sea urchins and the Sole of thick line gilded with butter . This tasty cuisine unfolds until the end of the meal, which is recommended to finish with the famous Camembert Rech or - for the sweet-toothed - with a Loaf of Pastis by Amelie with salted butter caramel ice cream .

The Rech selects white wines of prestigious appellations by selected producers. Alsace , the original land of the restaurant, is well represented. But the sommellerie does not hesitate to leave traditions, and to propose unexpected pairings with red wines even complex rosés. Sea-food adventurers are served!
Septembre 2020
By Luxe Magazine