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AWF5, the anti-aging power 5 of Valmont

When the years and the city lifestyle gradually mark our faces, there are fortunately solutions to fill wrinkles, densify the skin structure and have a smooth face. In short, to erase the signs of time.

The Swiss expert on anti-aging

Valmont has long been a specialist in fighting the signs of aging. With the AWF5 complex Valmont realizes a veritable feat of high-concentration formulation, whose effectiveness rises to the fifth power thanks to an exclusive complex of five ingredients. AWF5 is comprised of Anti-Wrinkles and Firmness, two complementary lines to strengthen the skin structure and giving the face a smooth appearance. A state-of-the-art formulation, highly concentrated.

Two complementary lines, the same efficiency

The new AWF5 is developed with two product collections, V-Line Lifting which attacks the wrinkles, and V-Shape Filling, which densifies and firms the skin. Each line is composed of a serum, a face cream and eye contour, and can be used separately or in combination. Their secret in five ingredients? Peptide cocktails to stimulate extracellular renewal, Vitamin C with antioxidant to protect the skin structure, Fibro-Boost to promote the production of elastin and collagen, G.A.Gs- to redensify the matrix, and Densi-Derm for better cohesion between the fibers. A winning combo for a fresh and smooth fall season.
Septembre 2018
By La rédaction