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Wild Pop collection by Bulgari

As a tribute to Pop culture and Art, Bulgari shares its brand new jewelry collection called "Wild Pop", inspired by Andy Warhol and his work.

1980's inspiration

When you think about Pop Art, you automatically think about Andy Warhol and his masterpieces playing with popular marketing codes and objects from daily life. To pay tribute to the artist who used to visit the Bulgari shop every time he was traveling to Roma (Italy), the brand shares a new luxurious jewelry collection inspired by the extravagant era of the 80's (Warhol but also Basquiat and Keith Haring).

We love the advertising campaign for the collection featuring famous symbols of Pop Art as Coca Cola bottles, cans, bananas and vinyl records. Inspired by the sculptural trend of the 80's, a big collar with several emeralds is the collection's masterpiece. The "Wild Pop" line also features colorful precious stones, a collar made of diamonds and onyx looking like a black and white piano, the first finest jewelry piece representing cannabis herb and a new secret Serpenti (snake) watch.

Juillet 2018
By La rédaction