The Secret by Van Cleef & Arpels

Called "The Secret", new High Jewelry collection by Van Cleef & Arpels is an ode to mystery and memories hidden behind a gold or diamond jewel... For our greatest pleasure, the House reinvents this precious and delicate talismans...

Mystery as signature

What's hidden behind these new High Jewelry creations ? Between hidden messages, rebus to solve, unexpected metamorphosis and labyrinths, Van Cleef & Arpels is more creative than ever and stage the Secret expression. As usual, you can find the House's legendary sources of inspirations : love, luck and nature. In this way, a sparkling leaf hides a lucky charm ladybird and, a dove flies away to carry a love letter, adorned with Serti Mystérieux™.

As for the precious stones, you can find both bright and soft tones with, for the most passionate, an amazing Fiery Red with 28 Burmese rubies on a convertible necklace. Swallows are adorned with sweet purple sapphires. More enigmatic, the "Lune" (moon) ring highlights white diamonds and black onyx playing hide-and-seek.

This collection pays tribute to the House's mantra : "Beautiful things must keep effort silent, hours of work behind the workbench are erased in front of the final piece's obviousness". Because the "Secret" has a double meaning : the one hidden behind the jewelry pieces and, the one hiding the craftsmen's amazing work of creation, engraving, playing with mechanism and transformation... For example, the "Fleur Bleue" (blue flower) ring has got an upper part that can rotate and rise to unveil an Oscar Wilde's quotation engraved in the gold, reminding us that a life without love is like a garden without sun...

Other treasures, the "Marguerite d'amour" clip whose leaves are unveiling messages, the "Dentelle" bracelet hiding a mother-of-pearl shutters' system and the Séraphîta ring containing several gems in one, welcoming two rings in its center, one adorned with a 16,46 karats sapphire, the other adorned with diamonds and purple sapphires.

Juillet 2017
By La rédaction