Nabila Khashoggi

Entrepreneur, actress, author, philanthropist and mother Nabila Khashoggi. Based in New York, Nabila recently launched Nabila K. the luxury line of skin care and home ambience products that contain naturally derived ingredients to relax the body and clear the mind. Her goal was to create a brand dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle through natural elements, inspired by her travels across the globe.
How did the idea for the Nabila K brand arise?

When I was younger, my father had a line of scented bubble baths commissioned for private called Nabila. They very were popular with friends and family. My siblings suggested why not recreate it? That was the start of Nabila K. My favorite of my father’s line was the Black Pine. That's probably why we introduced Forest Experience bubble bath as our first product.

Were there any scents that you discovered during the research period that you were particularly drawn to and had not come across before?

I realized how limited my awareness was of truly how many scents and combination possibilities were out there.

How much of your travel experiences play a part in your creative process?

Quite a lot. My travels have allowed me to discover and appreciate different cultures and environments, and therefore inspired me to put together the product lines. My intention with Nabila K is to give people a unique enjoyment derived from my own experiences.

When do you feel most creative?

4 am. I love waking early and working when no one is around. Then later when others surface, we get creative as a family team.

Above all, Nabila K is a lifestyle brand, consisting of home décor essentials and cosmetics. Currently the beauty products are for bath and body, are you planning to expand the brand to face products? A men’s line?

Yes, we have many more products coming out that are at the moment all in different stages of testing. As for men it is pretty much unisex now - all my brothers use the products. We will also soon be introducing a baby and toddler line, inspired by my youngest baby boy.

What is your philosophy on ageing?

Time is a dimension, it is continuous, it passes and most importantly it is what you make of it. Aging is but a processes of time so be creative, have lots of fun and savor it .

Of all the tried and tested beauty tricks over the years, which ones do you swear by?

Sleep and water! No trick to it - you lack in either - it shows!

What other activities occupy your time?

I have written a comic book series of adventure stories called Spartan and The Green Egg, that explores environmental and cultural themes around the world. Book 1 is coming out in a few months.
I also support The Children for Peace (ONLUS) which is an Italian charity co-founded by my step-mother, Lamia Khashoggi. This organization is hands-on and is involved in the futures of many children in several countries. I spend a great deal of time working with them and finding ways to better assist. It is very fulfilling to see that a positive difference can be made.

Your ability to juggle all these endeavors, including motherhood, is admirable. How do you manage to find balance?

I am very lucky to be surrounded and supported by much love and a tremendous amount of humor. It makes it so much easier to be creative and productive.
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