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Vicente Rey: The Shoe as Art Form

Cockerel and ostrich feathers, pearls, astrakhan, sharkskin, wrought iron - all these wild and luxurious protagonists are present in Vicente Rey's universe. His Autumn/Winter 07.08 Collection, is both extreme and extraordinarily inventive, and feet take centre stage in a challenge to the laws of matter. Hats off to you, Mr Rey!

Surprising Materials

If we cannot deny Vicente Rey's astounding creativity, it is in part due to his desire to stretch the limits of what is possible in his colourful creations, without compromising the comfort of the shoe or the materials he uses. In fact, quite the contrary. The delicacy of the feathers, the pearls or sharkskin, contrast with the solidity of the structure which supports the material. Heels in wrought iron, soles in fibre glass, with a subtle moulding system which unites one with the other... ultimately the foot is comfortable in the shoe thanks to the series of mini cushions incorporated into the sole. Of course, this demands hand crafting and made-to measure fitting, but at the end of the day, elegance and comfort reign supreme.

Accentuating Femininity

Only a man could go so far in the suggestion of extreme femininity. Vertiginous high heels exaggerating the female arch, sensual to the touch, insolently pointed toes, thoroughly at the dictates of fashion, this Autumn/Winter Collection serves to confirm Rey's tendency toward the singularly ultra-feminine. Sometimes unconventional yet always elegant, Vicente Rey is up to the challenge of expressing his genius, even if this occasionally brings him to the verge of bad taste.
Octobre 2007
Vicente Rey
20, rue des Tournelles
75004 Paris