Use Pure Altitude, when you can’t « get » your skin to the mountain…

Capitalizing on the Ferme de Beauté to the Fermes de Marie (which in the meantime has become the Pure Altitude Spa), the trademark from Megève has come out with a line of pure and fresh cosmetics that are as resistant as are our mountains from Savoy. And just as efficient as taking a long walk in the in the fresh air... So…



Visionary and environmentally-friendly

For several years now, we have seen a boom in organic treatments and «nature » spas surfing on a totally ecological trend and that are generally faithfully based on "back-to-nature" concepts and along the same lines, on natural, raw and noble materials. Others did not wait for the spectacular launching of organic products and the general popularity of the essential elements, before betting on the authenticity of active elements and materials. The proof is, since it opened its doors in 1990, the Pure Altitude Spa in Megève has never stopped lavishing on its mountain-plant based treatments in the spa decor that falls somewhere between stone, wood, water, fire and earth. A success story that justifies the launching of a new line of cosmetics offering the very best of the mountains. Waterfalls, streams, glaciers and pure air, all in a pot!



The mountain will win us over!

We can feel our body stimulated by this rarefied oxygen and we are thrilled with these plants capable of valiantly affronting the most extreme weather conditions, difficult however to just drop everything and go live 2,000 meters in altitude! Our problems are now over, because if we can not take our skin to the mountain, we can now bring the mountain to our skin. With Bio Organic of Pure Altitude, we decide for skin regeneration and radiant complexions thanks to the exceptional properties of the edelweiss (for protection), the maca root (to fight the signs of ageing), the antarcticine (to prevent dryness) and the birch sap (for nutrition). Four winning star products available in a form of micellar foam, emulsion, cream and elixir with creamy and light textures in soft fruity flavours. Try them without delay!

Février 2009

Pure Altitude
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On sale at Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann and BHV