4 decorative liquor bottles

A monkey head from South America, a flowery wine can or a fish-inspired bottle, here is proof that liquor bottles can be as gourmet as decorative, becoming genuine masterpieces for your indoor design !

Deadhead Rum

We just found the perfect rum bottle to decorate your kitchen or living-room while treating you with an exquisite beverage. Our crush goes to Deadhead Rum and its bottle looking like a Monkey head filled with a dark chocolate rum. It takes its inspiration from old recipes used by Mayas and Aztec emperors, no less! Quite exclusive, it comes from a family distillery located in the Mexican area of Chiapas, close to Guatemala, using the water from volcano Pico de Orizaba’s snow-capped summits. We love its scent of coffee, caramel and dark chocolate as well as its savors of cherry, vanilla and cocoa (degree of alcohol: 35%). For the short story, the bottle looking like a monkey head refers to a Maya legend and its « Creation book » telling that there were two attempts to create the human race; From the first one, a monkey was born from wood and mud. In 2017, this rum won the gold award at the International Spirits Competition.

Fish Club Wine

Available in red, white and rose, we love these wine bottles by the design studio Backbone Branding, created for Fish Club, a seafood restaurant. In fact, these fish-inspired bottles were print thanks to an exclusive technique using mirror metallic papers so, you still can admire the wine inside while the wrapper is hand-placed on the bottle. Lovely !

A can of Eufloria aromatic rosé

This girly can can be display on your shelves with its painting by Flora Bowley. The grapes for Eufloria are from the Columbia Valley and they are picked at night to preserve their acidity. Each variety is fermented separately and the blend is made in January following harvest. The resulting wine is fresh and aromatic with a hint of residual sugar and 12% alcohol.

Godfather Vodka

This Armenian Vodka was created to eliminate the strong odor and burning sensation of alcohol. Adorned with engravings looking like metal charms, it is delivered in a fancy box. We like its flavors of vanilla, fruit, gunpowder and dark chocolate. Gentle and delicious as expected !
Mai 2018
By La rédaction
Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation