Extreme luxury

The most expensive motorcycle in the world

An extravagant motorbike by Harley-Davidson and Bucherer...

What does the most expensive motorbike in the world look like ? Just like a "Softail Blue Harley-Davidson" adorned with gold and diamonds ! In fact, the customized model by Swiss workshop Bündnerbike is encrusted with gold plated screws and 360 diamonds but also features safety boxes in its tank to store watches and jewels. Its price ? 1.5 million euros !

For the little story, the motorcycle supports the "Blue Edition" collection by Bucherer watchmaking house introducing 16 exclusive watches made in collaboration with 11 prestigious clock manufacturers. To create the motorbike, the artisans needed 2 500 hours of work. Based on the Softail S design by Harley-Davidson, it features a 110 cubic-inches' engine and copper details.

This is not the first time a motorcycle brand works with a watch manufacturer as Ducati already collaborated with Tudor, brand bought by Rolex's founder while Indian Motorcycle introduced a collection with Baume & Mercier.

Mai 2018
By La rédaction