The Grill at the Dorchester, a legendary restaurant

In London's Mayfair neighborhood, the legendary Dorchester hotel has been the business leaders, crowned heads and stars' favorite spot since the 30's (Liz Taylor, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Burton, Marlene Dietrich...). Great news, this palace also welcomes a famous restaurant paying tribute to the British Gastronomy.

A renovation faithful to the place's spirit

Since the opening of the hotel, in 1931, its restaurant "The Grill at the Dorchester" has been a "place-to-be". Created at first by Oliver Ford, its red and gold setting, inspired by an old Spanish palace, earned it the nickname of "Spanish Grill". Redecorated in a Scottish spirit in 2006, thanks to Thierry Despont, it has been totally restored by Bruno Moinard (Hermes Paris, Château Latour, Christie's New York...) in 2014. Today, you are welcomed in a setting mixing the palace's sophistication with contemporary touches and brilliant details as the swivelling wall panels ensuring different atmospheres by night and day. The original setting is reused with its golden doors and ceilings full of natural material and warm colors. No mentioning the amazing collection of copper pots and pans. Special mention for the extraordinary central chandelier made of handmade Murano glass and for the open-rotisserie.

Long live the British gastronomy !

In the kitchen, the casting is stunning. The Chef Guillaume Katola, Alain Ducasse's protégé, cooks seasonal and fresh products only. He shares a modern British gastronomy with grilled meats but also a delicious blue lobster chowder. The pastry Chef, Nicolas Grosse, signs an amazing "soufflés" menu, unique in London, especially the chocolate one ! In the wine cellar, the French vineyards are honored but, vineyards from all around the world are also represented (Europe, Australie, New Zealand, America) thanks to the head sommelier, Mikael Grou, famous for its international career.

Avril 2018
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