3 trendy restaurants for an explosion of flavours

Mexican, French or Japanese gastronomy, don't forget to book a table in one (or all) of these trendy restaurants in Paris. Some gourmet "places-to-be" at the heart of the Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Près and Batignolles famous neighborhoods.

Blueberry, colorful sushis at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près

At the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près neighborhood, this contemporary maki bar by the Vaconsin sisters, is named after the « My Blueberry nights » movie by Hong Kong movie-maker Wong Kar-Wai. We love the California Rolls bar where the Chefs are creating their small masterpieces, tribute to the Japanese immigration on the USA West Coast that turned classical makis and sushis into colorful and delicious California Rolls. We also love the design between noble and raw material, pop neon lights, colorful light bulbs, lounge benches and private tables. Here, you share several delicious and original plates full of colorful and tasty sushis. Our favorite ones ? The « Gondola », delicious heart of lettuce leaves full of tomatoes and sea bass ceviche, the « Rue du Sabot Geisha », amazing rice crepes with truffle cream and really fresh tuna slices, the « Little Miss Yuzu » California Rolls with yuzu lime and raspberries, the « Rackham le rouge » ones with truffle and really crunchy prawns tempura and the « Unagiiii » with grilled unagi, prawns tempura, avocado, flying fish’s eggs, smoked bonito and cucumber. As for the desserts, you will love the black sesame tiramisu, the blueberry pie (of course) and the light dessert with fresh red berries, coconut whipped cream and agar jelly. A « place-to-be » in Paris for friends, lovers and families !

Chilam : Real tacos in Paris !

If you really want to taste genuine Mexican tacos at the heart of Paris, go straight to Chilam, an amazing taquería, close to famous falafel food stalls from rue des Rosiers (Marais neighborhood). This colorful and small place, located in lovely rue des Ecouffes, is masterfully held by Lucia and Juan, introducing you to the best of Mexican gastronomy in a « street food » gourmet version. To eat-in or take-out, an explosion of flavours is waiting for you, including Chilam’s signature dish, the « al Pastor » spiny lobster, divinely melting and marinated (Axiote spices, chipotle, tequila), served with roasted pineapple. You can also fall in love with the homemade burritos, the cheesy quesadillas with chorizo or the large portion of homemade guacamole with homemade tortillas chips. As for the tacos, you can taste with your eyes closed these little marvels garnished with super-melting pulled pork, perfectly seasoned and marinated during 24 hours or, tacos garnished with marinated chicken, simmered duck, tuna slices or… shark ! If you want some sugar, you will try the corn cake with its Dulce de Leche and, why not, the homemade drink : fresh water tasting like bissap juice. Great news, a new Chilam is welcoming you in the brand new Ground Control giant Food Hall.

Brutus : For Crepes lovers...

Because crepes are really good but crepes restaurants sometimes a little bit too touristic and old-fashioned, you have to book a table at Brutus Paris, the new really modern and trendy place, at the heart of dynamic Rue des Dames (75017). In command of this success, three young Parisian men with Breton and Normandy origins, in love with good gluten-free buckwheat crepes and artisanal ciders. You will start the experience with a bottle, a cocktail or draft glass of cider, among a great and high-quality selection, more or less alcoholic, bitter, sweet, fruity and tangy, with apple, pear, ginger or even chestnut flavours according to your tastes. As a starter, the buckwheat crepes are available in « tapas » versions served on wooden plates between « croque-monsieur » with pesto/emmental/ham, samossas with vegetables, chicken or raclette cheese and delicious homemade sardine’s rillettes. For the main course, the buckwheat crepes are really generous, tender and original. You will fall in love with the Babette with smoked duck breast/pear/Fourme d’Ambert cheese/nuts, the Annette with truffle ham/mushrooms/beaufort cheese or the Paulette with Tajine-chicken/eggplant/slivered almonds. Of course, you will end with a sweet crepe, delicious creations made of chestnut cream, baked hot apples, vanilla ice cream, speculoos but also salted butter caramel. Enjoy !
Février 2018
By La rédaction