Skiing under Poland's snow

Forget about Switzerland, France and Italy and go straight to Poland for you winter holidays. Immaculate ski runs, Spas, beautiful lakes... Enjoy all of the mountains delights !

The joy of winter sports in Zakopane

If there is only one ski resort to stay at, that would be Zakopane, the Polish "Chamonix". Full of artists and intellectuals during the 19th Century and its Avant-Garde movement, the ski resort is also famous for its authenticity with its chalets and churches made of pine wood. Here, you can ski at the foot of Tatras, 1 000 meters above the sea level, under the kingly gaze of Mount Rysy culminating at 2 400 meters. If you want to come back during summer, don't miss the famous International Festival of Mountain Regions Folklore !

Relax in Krynica-Zdroj

Behind this funny name lies the cradle of Polish balneotherapy. Krynica-Zdrok features luxury villas for rent, luxurious Spas at the heart of the mountains, free access to spring summer from seven different sources and VIP stay to cure your cardiovascular, digestive and urinary diseases.

Do not forget your camera !

For Instagram lovers, don't forget to immortalize the amazing landscapes between Masuria and its thousand lakes, sunsets over magical snowy landscapes, the Bieszezady National Park with its lynx, wolves and brown bears and the Peninsula of Hel, on the Baltic coast, genuine paradise for bird watchers. Finally, don't miss the funny tradition of Kulig where kids and adults slide to a high-speed on a sledge pulled by horses at night, in the torchlight.
Février 2018
By La rédaction