The most expensive shoes in the world

Are you a stiletto collector ? If so, you don't want to miss the most expensive shoes in the world by Debbie Wingham who made a name for herself in the "world's most expensive" category.

Original, extravagant but not "too-much", these delicate stiletto heels by Debbie Wingham are currently the most expensive in the world (15 millions of dollars) ! The British designer accumulates world records as she's also hidden behind the most expensive black dress in the world (4.6 millions of dollars) and the most expensive cake in the world (64.2 millions of dollars).
More than a simple pair of summer shoes, this one is adorned with more than 1000 diamonds set in platinum, each one rarer than the other (rare colors, sizes, clarity), sewn thanks to a 24 carats gold wire. Among the most exceptional, you can find two pink diamonds of 3 carats (4.4 millions of dollars each) and, two blue diamonds of 1 carat (1.9 million dollar each).

The pair of stiletto was launched exclusively during the Dubai Raffles Hotel Tea-time, dedicated to fashion. Here, you enjoy salty and sweet delights looking like pumps, bags and other accessories. On the menu, poached lobster with vanilla butter, "millefeuille" with goat cheese mousse, ricotta and raspberry scones, high heels made of white chocolate, beach hat made of lemon pie, pistachio cake, belt made of "shortbread" caramel-passion fruit biscuits and mini chocolate and banana cupcakes (Afternoon Tea, 60 euros for two people).

Janvier 2018
By La rédaction