CES Las Vegas 2018, our favorites

"Place-to-be" for technology and connected gadgets lovers, the CES Las Vegas 2018 closed its doors, allowing us to spot few amazing innovations to modernise your everyday life.

The MOODO fragrances diffuser

Agan Aroma introduced MOODO, a connected and design fragrances diffuser. By installing it in your living-room, you can control it thanks to a smartphone application to create your own olfactory atmosphere by choosing and mixing your favorite fragrances capsules to invent yours. To help you, six olfactory families are available between Oriental scents, sea breeze, Spa and cozy atmosphere or Kanazawa gardens...

The UFO smart beauty mask

UFO is the latest creation by Foreo brand, small really design and feminine device allowing you to make a complete beauty mask in no less than 90 seconds ! This small device has several qualities. Starting with the masks it delivers, mixing fruits and plants extracts with botanic oil concentrate and flowers natural water. For an almost perfect skin, the UFO system uses thermotherapy to make your skin more elastic and open your pores but also cryotherapy to cool, smooth and strengthen your skin, T-SONIC pulses to offer a relaxing massage to your face during the mask's active ingredients absorption as well as LED RVB light therapy to stimulate the collagen and refine the skin's texture.

A design Wi-Fi router

Norton, the legendary antivirus, introduces this small decorative object to be used at home, as a Wi-Fi router. It features a really high speed connection, 4 Ethernet ports, 2 USB ports, a Bluetooth connection and, above all, a secure connection where every incoming and outgoing information is analyzed to detect any potential malware. Other fonction, a parental control to filter non adapted websites for kids and teenagers and control hours spent behind the screen from a parental smartphone application.

Laïka : for the love of your dogs

This new robot takes care of your four-legged best friends when you're not at home. Equipped with wheels, microphone, speakers and camera, it records pictures and videos of your dog to share them with you when you're, for example, at work or on holidays. Laïka also detects prolonged barking to alert you thanks to notifications. Even more fun, the robot launches kibbles and other delights to reward your dog for his good behavior ! Thanks to a smartphone application, you can also study the activity habits of your hairy friend to train him.
Janvier 2018
By La rédaction