The Scent by Samreen Shah

Samreen Shah will attend to the Scent, as a photographer, from January 23th to 26th 2018. She is creating an Art Gallery of Niche ingredients and human body for The Scent.
Interview with Katya Pellegrino

1- Can you tell us more about your background, your passion for photography?

I am a visual artist from Lahore, Pakistan and spend my time between London and Abu Dhabi. My exposure to photography came out purely through chance and an act of circumstance through another passion of mine, painting.

I experimented in creating hybrid images of my artwork with photography and received glowing feedback. I decided to focus on photography and ended up training at the London School of Photography.

Photography is a discipline which encapsulates a lasting or momentary emotion destined to be captured forever.

2 - What is your relation to fragrances?

Fragrances always seem to leave a lasting impression during the course of one’s life. My earliest impressions from my childhood of are of my mother's scent, emanating an air of warmth and belonging.

Another beautiful memory of fragrance dating back to my childhood is the scent of petrichor playing outdoors during the onset of the monsoon.

Fragrances like images creating a lasting impression during the course of our lives.

3 - Can you tell us more about your idea of creating an Art Gallery of Niche ingredients and human body for The Scent? Why?

I wanted to highlight the connection of niche selective ingredients with human body. A way in which an alliance can be forged and the real essence of the ingredient can be portrayed through each of my image. We all have been impressed with the magical representation of exceptionally designed packaging, crystalized crafted bottles and fascinated juices that we immersed our bodies in.

With lens of reality, unveiling the core catalyst of the sense of smell, the real look and shape of ingredient is my lead character. The idea is to appreciate rare ingredients and how they complement our body to transform into the fragrance that becomes our personality identification.

4 - What is your vision of niche fragrances?

Personalization and individualism is my idea of niche fragrances. Selective notes that complements your individualistic identity are the basics of niche fragrance to me.

5 - What is your definition of Luxury?

Freedom is core right of any living but with today’s complexed dynamics of global communication channels, freedom still considered to be a luxury.

Expensive and materialistic triumph has no value what so ever if the mind and heart is not at peace. To me, to be free is the core essence of luxury.

6 - What is your ultimate Luxury?

Freedom of expression from anyone’s point of view and thought process is ultimate Luxury. The more we have raw thoughts, the more we can express ourselves better. With photography, I endeavor to bring the true reality of our lives. Crystal-clear lenses through the thin wrinkles of someone’s facial expression is priceless. That is ultimate luxury to me.

7 - What is the Luxury you couldn't live without?

Creativity in its all forms of expressions is most desired aspect of luxury for me. What is creativity if not expressed in a way the creator would like to express. One can feel even suffocated in absence of expression specially when the thought is nurtured through creativity.

8 - Your portraits are really powerful, what are your best memories and most beautiful meetings?

My best memory and most beautiful meeting was through the first picture I took; that of a small child on a street who turned around and glanced at me with a tear rolling down from his eye. It touched my soul and inspired me to shoot real faces.

9 - Where are your favorite places to take pictures in Dubai?

I love taking pictures of the desert. I find it to be the ideal sign of ultimate silence and serenity. Mesmerizing shades of sand with natural effects of sunrise are any photographer’s dream clicks.
Janvier 2018