Niche fragrances, a successful market

In 10 years, the Niche fragrances market was multiplied by three thanks to bold and creative perfumers offering more and more original fragrances betting all on design and rare ingredients.

A successful and discreet market

Le Grand Musée du Parfum Paris

In 2012, 1 330 fragrances were launched. Among them, 331 niche fragrances giving a total of one fragrance out of four. In fact, in 10 years, the Niche fragrances market was multiplied by three according to the writer Michael Edwards who wrote "Fragrances of the World". Moreover, taking the example of a famous mall as Printemps Haussmann in Paris, 25% of its perfume corner's sales consists of niche fragrances brands.

Printemps Haussmann

Upcoming perfumers as well as industry veterans who are ready to leave the brand they are working for to create their own brand are growing numbers. To launch your niche fragrance brand, you will need around 50 000 euros as a start-up capital. Today, all around the world, more than 3 000 retail outlets are selling niche fragrances, including the most prestigious ones as Bon Marché in Paris, Harvey Nichols in London or Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Kilian Hennessy

According to Marc Chaya from Francis Kurkdjian, some niche fragrances brands generate higher revenues than giants like Dior or Chanel in big malls. For example, By Kilian (Kilian Hennessy's perfume house located in rue Cambon) is number one at Harvey Nichols, selling more than the most famous fragrances brands.
Their secret ? Original design for the bottles, an abundant imaginary with dreamy stories for each fragrance and, above all, rare ingredients from the four corners of the planet. A great occasion to discover fruits, essences, plants and spices such as the cedar wood, sandalwood, jasmine sambac, Florence iris Pallida, moringa...

Rare iris
Janvier 2018
By La rédaction