Pierre Guillaume, portrait of an independent perfumer

At only 25, Pierre Guillaume, chemist from Clermont, created his first fragrance called COZE 02. Today, the designer inaugurates his first Parisian boutique, a true ode to perfume, ideally located, not far from Les Halles and the lively rue Etienne Marcel.

"My perfumes need skin to express themselves, they do not mean anything without it"

Pierre Guillaume is a true passionate who, from an early age, began to collect bottles of essential oils and other fragrant substances. Naturally, his first perfume COZE 02 payed tribute to scents that were familiar to him, like those of the content of his father's precious cigar cellar. In 2010 he created his company, Pierre Guillaume Diffusion, including a composition studio, a cellar with raw materials and a packaging line exclusively dedicated to his own perfumes.

His leitmotiv, the freedom of creation, but also financial freedom that has allowed him to launch four collections to this day : the Parfumerie Générale Collection, the Huitième Art Collection, the Croisière Collection and the exclusive Rhapsodie Collection, all distributed in a network of nearly 250 ultra-selective international outlets. Pierre Guillaume also totally fits with The Scent philosophy as this great event in Dubai (January 23rd-25th 2018) is promoting rare and niche fragrances with original bottles, rare ingredients and perfumers working for the most demanding customers.

The first Parisian showcase

At number 13 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (in the first arrondissement) Pierre Guillaume recently opened his first Parisian boutique, designed by architect Hugo Franck. A temple dedicated to perfume, dug into a monolith with inclined walls that take the shape of the “Parfumerie Générale” bottle. In this boutique, customers can also discover the raw materials used by the perfume designer and test Limanaki, a brand new mineral fragrance inspired by the Aegean Sea, with scents of salicylates, cumin, sagebrush, jasmine, lily of the valley, immortelle flower, patchouli and amber of labdanum.
Janvier 2018
By La rédaction