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Pachamama, Latin America at the heart of Paris

At the heart of "Paris - Bastille" neighborhood, previously famous as the "Barrio Latino", Pachamama is a new "place-to be" paying tribute to Latin America's culture between Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Rio and Tulum.

The dancefloor

Downstairs, you will find a unique setting paying tribute to American speakeasy during the Prohibition : the dancefloor ! At the bar, while waiting for you cocktail, you can admire cactuses as well as a genuine guerrillero cockpit. Looking upwards the atrium, you will love the suspended lanterns from the courtyard as well as the giant staircase.

The Cantina

Tables made of old Singer sewing machines, armchairs made of coffee bags from Brazil, flowered wallpapers from the 50’s… La Cantina, vintage restaurant on the 1st floor, is a one-way to Latin America. Cyril Perret, the designer, is in love with historical items and treasures. He knows how to distord artifacts from their first utilities to give them a new sense with a unique pep. The menu features exotic dishes such as Peruvian ceviche, tuna tataki, spicy corn’s soup, quesadillas, Cuba baba… served with French, Chilean and Argentinian wines.

Hidden corners

Pachamama also is a patio with its spectacular green wall where you can have a drink, diner or just relax, an amazing wooden bar on the second floor, a smokehouse with Chesterfield armchairs and pool table on the last floor and a bar, perfect for cocktails and tequila lovers, with crazy DJ sets and street art pieces.
Décembre 2017