The most expensive bento in the world

For Wagyu beef lovers only...

Rather than eating sandwiches, Japanese people use “bento”, which allows you to compose your meal with various ingredients contained in a box. Prepared at home each morning, it is more convenient to eat at work. Bento often consists in rice, fresh or macerated vegetables, and animal protein for a balanced meal. Gochikuru, Japanese delivery specialist, now offers its own version of the luxury bento, a wooden box in which the compartments correspond to the different parts of the animal, the whole set being shaped like an ox, offering a selection of delicious pieces of Wagyu beef (4 kilos in total) .

On the menu, for the tidy sum of 2 500 euros : beef rib, tender sirloin, tongue, glutinous rice, raw wasabi, lime, and a Yakiniku sauce made of Asian pears. For the record, Wagyu beef includes several breeds of Japanese oxen, including the famous and rare Kobe beef. At a time when war was raging in Japan, this massive and powerful ox was isolated, giving this breed a unique genetic purity. Weighing nearly 600 kilos, this overpriced beef can be distinguished by its tender marble-like meat, its low level of cholesterol and its butter flavor.This beautiful bento justifies its price by a quality meat from oxen fed with high quality diets, rubbed with sake and lulled by soothing classical music to avoid the nerves, hence their nickname "caviar of meat".

Décembre 2017
By La rédaction