4 indispensable innovations

A magical glass, surprising headphones, a connected wallet and a compact telescope : enjoy our new selection of brilliant innovations !

The Right Cup

Your kids fail to drink water ? You are in love with fruit juices and sodas ? Don't forget that water is the healthiest liquid to drink, essential to your body. While a lot of people are not really in love with plain water, The Right Cup is the best solution, a genuine alternative to sugary drinks. In fact, you just have to order your cups on the website (Mixed berry, peach, cola, apple, grapes and orange flavors), put water in it and let the magic begin... While you're drinking plain water, your nose enjoys the fruity aroma and your tongue gets a hint of the sweet taste. You will have no more excuses for not drinking litres of water everyday !

A connected wallet

Cashew is a brand new connected wallet keeping your bills and paying cards safe. It features a biometric authentication, a GPS as well as a Bluetooth connection to protect your financial assets and precious identification documents. To unlock it, it's really easy, just use your fingerprint or the Cashew application for smartphone. If your beloved or kids need to use it, 20 different digital fingerprints can ben registered and, you are immediately notified on your smartphone if an unauthorized person tries to steal your precious wallet. Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, you can also geo-locate it in case of loss or, make it ring to find it under a pillow...

A compact telescope

Do you dream of exploring the stars, planets, comets, eclipses, asteroids and supernovas from your garden or balcony ? eVscope is a new generation telescope, connected, powerful and compact, allowing you to scrutinize the sky with clarity thanks to its light amplification which is a hundred times more powerful than the one on traditional telescopes. Connect it to your smartphone, select the part you want to admire (star or other) and the telescope will automatically place itself in the correct axis. The application also allows you to point planets and designated areas from the solar system already identified to help you. Finally, by sharing your discoveries, you will contribute to the research work of astronomers !

"Ear-Free" headphones

You can't stand to wear headphones on your ears ? Just for you, Batband created minimalist headphones broadcasting their harmless sound waves to your inner ears though your skull bones. The unique augmented sound experience by Batband is in fact founded on the principle of bone conduction. Moreover, its lining made of silicone is sweat-resistant, offering robustness and minimal sound leak.
Novembre 2017