Your trip to Louvre Abu Dhabi's inauguration day

Thanks to "La Fugue", our favorite travel agency dedicated to musical and cultural trips, participate to the inauguration of the museum everybody talks about, the "Sandy Louvre" in Abu Dhabi.

A trip worthy of the Emirates' extravagance

Your trip starts in Dubai, where you will visit the Bûrj Khalifa, highest tower in the world, enjoying breathtaking views over Dubai, before slaloming on the famous indoor ski slope located at the heart of Mall of the Emirates. Go far away from tourists and stroll around Alserkal Avenue, a street full of Contemporary Art galleries and young designers. Finally, before going to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, take some pictures of the Dubai Opera with its architecture as majestic as uncommon, inspired by Arabian Gulf traditional sailing boats.

The inauguration of the "Sandy Louvre"

Go straight to Abu Dhabi, industrial, political and cultural center, to visit the impressing Sheikh Zayed mosque
(biggest marble structure ever built by men) as well as private collections with a member of the royal family. The climax of your trip is of course the inauguration of Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, a modern and aquatic building by Jean Nouvel (under the creative direction of Christophe Berthonneau). For the occasion, "Vive Reflexion", a unique show, will be introduced to you. As for the paintings exposed, your eyes will be caught by masterpieces from Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Miro and Mondrian, no less !

Detour through Liwa oasis

Disconnect and explore this lost oasis full of date palm trees, dominated by huge sandy dunes reaching until 300 meters. Unchanged since the 50's, it has been a major stop on the caravans road with its colorful sand (pink, orange, gold) and miraculously lush vegetation. A four stars hotel is opened there and, few kilometers away, on the other side of the Saudi border, you can find the Shaybah gas facility that cannot be reached from any other border road.
Octobre 2017
By La rédaction
Price: 8 990 € per traveler
From november 7th to 14th