Becoming James Bond...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves to live a double life and become a genuine secret agent in London...

Into the shoes of a secret agent

Have you always dreamed of becoming a spy and live a secret agent double life ? If you live in London and have 25 000£ to spend, this experience was made for you ! Julian Fisher, former intelligence officer for the British government and the MI6, created this custom-made mission that can take you in a parallel world during two months. At any time (during your free time) and, at least once a week, you will have to accept a spying mission and develop your skills between learning key techniques, secret communication codes, using high technologies (encrypted laptops and USB devices, burner phone, listening devices, recording glasses...) and recruiting other agents.

As in your favorite movies, you will attend a real-time remote surveillance operation and, you will have to disguise yourself following your scenario rules. You will also discover legendary places such as the London Oratory (former KGB spot) and St. James Park's bridge (used by the MI6 to recruit its agents). Each new mission will be decisive for the continuation of operations as well as for the final outcome that you will discover after one dreamy night into one of the European capital-cities of spying ! Icing on the cake, once the mission done, you will receive a movie tracing your spying route and will realize how discreet you were (or not...). In order to be prepared, read novels by John Le Carré British writer and former spy and, don't forget to find an original code name (007 is already taken...) !

Juin 2017
By La rédaction