Three innovations to change your everyday life

From a solar barbecue to a trendy connected packback passing by an electronic food dispenser for your lovely cats...

Eco-friendly barbecues !

SolSource is a new solar grill for eco-friendly barbecues on the beach or in your garden, surrounded by friends. The principle is quite simple, it concentrates the solar energy received from five curved reflective panels and, the sun's rays are turned into heat to cook your dishes. Moreover, it reaches cooking temperature really quick (350°C in 90 seconds), perfect for grilled meats or fried vegetables ! Of course, the sky needs to be clear with no rain...

Price : 599€

A trendy connected bag

Perfect mix between fashion and technology, the HiSmart backpack, available in Black or Cognac colors, is a convertible bag made with top of the range materials as Italian leather and water resistant canvas. It features 12 pockets to store your MacBook, iPad, books, phone or keychain for example. Well secured and protective, it's neatly closed with a really strong German Fidlock and long-lasting nylon zippers. As for the technology, you can answer your phone by pushing a button on the bag's strap, wherever your phone is. You can also push the same button to locate your car, control your music, make a voice message and trigger and alarm.

Price : 300€

A smart food dispenser for your cats !

Catspad is a new electronic food dispenser. It allows you to feed your cat when you're at work or traveling at the other end of the world. Designed in collaboration with veterinarians, the Catspad stocks and preserves freshness of the croquettes a whole month thanks to a watertight tank and a compartment to store the equivalent of one month of cat food. The machine is automatic, you can control it from an application for smartphones, and it can feed your pet with well defined portions. You can also activate a water fountain for him to drink, that will be switched on thanks to a sensor.

Price : 239€
Mai 2017
By La rédaction