Where to eat London's best steaks ?

It's high time to book a table at JW Steakhouse from Grosvenor House, legendary Hotel on Mayfair. In this five-stars hotel famous for hosting celebrities and royalty since 1930, you also savor London's most delicious pieces of meat. Enjoy...

An inescapable restaurant

Here, the meat is really tender and perfectly grilled, salads are crunchy, seafood really fresh and, above all, desserts are amazing. If you're a meat lover, you will fall in love with the "JW Tomahawk Rib Eye" of 32 onz, a delicious marbled piece of meat, or with the "Aberdeen Angus Ribe Eye" of 14 onz. Don't miss the legendary cheesecake and let yourself be tempted by the excellent wine list, proposing a great selection of French wines. The starters are also really good, especially the shrimp salad. You will also love the crab cake, one of the signature dishes. We also love the service, as discreet as efficient, letting you feel like a special client.

You are also more than welcome to book a room or suite within the Hotel, perfectly located in Mayfair neighborhood, London's most sophisticated district. Here, Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce and Porsche are the norm....

Novembre 2016