Mount Gay Rum, Volume Two in its Limited Edition Origin Series

Mount Gay, the world’s oldest rum made in Barbados since 1703, presents Origin Series: Volume Two, latest addition to its exclusive, limited-edition Origin Series.

Unique methods for amazing taste

mount gay rum

Created by Master Blender Allen Smith, this new Origin Series pay tribute to two unique methods of distillation called Copper Pot and Copper Column. Both of them are really similar in their ingredients, fermentation and maturity but, their main difference remains in their distillation process. Allen Smith knows how to explain these differences: “We created the Origin Series collections so that we could give rum drinkers the unique opportunity to experience rum by tasting the pure essence of the distinct distillation methods and a deeper understanding of how each part of the process can change the taste of rum entirely".

mount gay rum
Allen Smith

Copper Pot is a rich, intricate interpretation of signature Mount Gay aromatics, robust in flavor and body, while Copper Column is a delicate and mellow expression of our classic profile.” The Copper Pot Rum features notes of chocolate, coconut and almonds while the Copper Column Rum is light-bodied with a short, crisp finish highlighted by floral and sweet fruit notes. Enjoy !
Septembre 2016
By La rédaction
Price: £65.00, available from selected premium retailers
Mount Gay Rum