French Comedy Festival in New York

Humor lovers, if you're in New York from June 21st to June 25th, you are more than welcome to go straight to French Comedy Festival, the first Francophone International Humor Festival in the USA.

Laughing Out Loud

french comedy festival

New York City and Broadway neighborhood always have been really famous for their theatres and stand-up comedy shows. During 5 days, six brilliant humorists and comedians will have you laughing out loud, from Fary (French humorist famous for his hipster style) to Lamine Lezghad (amazing humorist discovered by famous Laurent Ruquier) passing by Marina Rollman (Switzerland), Paul Taylor (England) and Noman Hosni (France).

french comedy festival
Lamine Lezghad

On June 25th, the great closing ceremony will invite famous American comedians to encourage the young French talents for a special show at legendary Broadway Comedy Club. A genuine American Dream for all of these French humor rising stars, made possible mostly with the help of Michael Sehn and Vivendi Group.
Juin 2016
By La rédaction
Price : 15$
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