3 restaurants by Philippe Starck

Everybody knows Philippe Starck, famous interior designer, one of the most respected in the world. Gastronomy lover, he opened and created the design of several restaurants, genuine "places-to-be" between Paris, Moscow and Los Angeles. Here are our three crushes.

Miss Ko in Paris

One of the best Asian restaurant in Paris but above all, the most original. 500m2 looking like an Asian dynamic street by night, where gastronomy is mixed with fashion, music and art. To have lunch, dinner or only to have a drink, a cup of tea, the place is fascinating, far away from the clichés of its district, the famous Golden Triangle (Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne, Avenue George V). Here, you will fall in love with the amazing sushi list, with the famous Bao Burger or with a Bo Bun. Perfect to celebrate the year of the Monkey !

Katsuya in Los Angeles

Chef Katsuya Uechi is one of the most famous Japanese Chef, thanks to his self-titled restaurant's chain, located between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Kuwait. In Los Angeles, the big restaurant room is adorned with a pure design referring to the humble and spiritual simplicity of Japan culture. You can see some large pictures of women looking like geishas on the walls, but also a pretty lounge/terrace, some tables with cosy benches and a big central counter for the sushis. One of the most trendy places of the city of superstars.

Maison Baccarat in Moscow

A pearl of design straight out of a fairytale as "Alice in Wonderland". Baccarat House is the Russian brother of Maison Baccarat in Paris, with cristal, huge luminaires, mirrors and Tsars' vestiges everywhere. In your plate, you will savor some French and fine Gastronomy using fresh products depending on the season. Including a beautiful and prestigious wine and Champagne list, served in Baccarat glasses of course.
Avril 2016
By La rédaction