The most expensive Whisky for your cellar

What about tasting a Whisky worthing 32 000€ ? Let Luxe Magazine introduce you to the Macallan in Lalique VI, a 65 years of age Whisky...

The 32 000 euros Whisky...

Macallan Lalique

For the sixth time now, The Macallan in Lalique unveils a more than rare Whisky, aging for up to 65 years ! Of course, its exceptional carafe has been signed by Lalique, and will only be available in 450 pieces worldwide. Called "Peerless Spirit", this Whisky has been matured in two American oak casks, previously full of sherry, since November 10th of 1950. We are in love with its beautiful color, reminding us of some dark nuts. Its bouquet makes you feel the richness of the Single Malt, alongside with some honey, Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon and Morocco dates notes. From the first sips, you will enjoy some amazing flavors between cloves, cocoa beans, honey, dark chocolate and black pepper. Exceptional...

Macallan Lalique
Mars 2016
By La rédaction
Price: 32000€

The Macallan