Russian gastronomy in Paris

Just in front of famous "Café de Flore", Russian Café Pouchkine is now installed in Paris Saint-Germain-des-Près neighborhood. The perfect occasion to savor the best of Russian gastronomy in a both classical and extravagant setting.
Cafe Pouchkine

Russian sweet interlude

Behind a quite discreet facade on Boulevard Saint-Germain, Café Pouchkine is ready to welcome you in its tea-room or terrace, for you to enjoy a delicious homemade ice tea, hot chocolate or pastries facing Saint-Germain-des-Prés church. Once inside, a little space of only 35 seats is waiting for you with its giant pastries window introducing wonderful cakes, pirojkis and macaroons. Colors are quite pure and sophisticated while the furnitures are more extravagant: white marble, Andrey Dellos chandelier, wall made of bricks from the 15th Century, giant Venetian mirrors, woodwork, traditional samovars and tailor made Louis XV chairs.

Cafe Pouchkine

On the gastronomy side, we are in love with the pirojkis, litte hot specialities stuffed with beef, duck, mushrooms and Foie Gras. Russian food addicts will also recognize the delicious Bortsch (beet soup with sour cream), boeuf Stroganoff, blinis, salmon and Kamtchatka crab.
Sugar lovers will be thrilled to savor a whole lot of pastries as the Vladivostok, a shortbread made of green tea and the Medovick, our favorite cake, a biscuit made of honey, milk cream and Dulche de leche. Wonderful.

Cafe Pouchkine
Février 2016
By La rédaction