Haute Couture Polaroids by Cathleen Naundorf

Until February 27th, the New York Edwynn Houk Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Cathleen Naundorf's pictures. The best of the artist's series including "Un rêve de mode" and "L'Arche de Noé".

The perfect exhibition for Fashion addicts

La fille en plâtre VIII, Dior - Haute Couture Summer 2007, 2009
La fille en plâtre VIII, Dior - Haute Couture Summer 2007, 2009

Born in Germany, Cathleen began working as a photojournalist and took pictures of various ethnics groups around the world, including the Mongols and the Shamans in Siberia. Then, she became really interested in Fashion photography, working for Condé Nast , having access to Paris Fashion-shows' backstage where she developed her "Polaroid pictures" style.

Cathleen Naundorf
L’arche de Noé XXXIII - Elie Saab, Haute Couture Summer 2014

If you go straight to Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York, located on the prestigious Fifth Avenue, you will be able to discover amazing clichés, including some of the "Rêve de mode" series, where the artist had access to great couturier's archives as Dior, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Christian Lacroix. Now, Cathleen lives between Paris and London and, her work often features on the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Enjoy !

Cathleen Naundorf
L'amore I, Valentino - Haute Couture 1992, 2012
Janvier 2016
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