Ohana & Co Brands with Mission event

Susan Rockefeller, Karine Ohana and the investment bank Ohana & Co. ( ) hosted an event on Thursday evening in Parishaving a “Brands With a Mission” theme.
Karine Ohana said her company has been “very committed to [working] now with more sustainable and ethical brands…and developing this area that is so important for the planet and the environment.”
Ariel Ohana
Ariel Ohana , Karine Ohana

Ohana and her brothers Ariel and Laurent teamed with Rockefeller a decade ago, and she nowserves as an advisory board member at Ohana & Co. that mentors on environmental issues.

Ohana Was addressing the soiree’s attendees, who hailed from France, Switzerland, the U.S., Israel and China, at company French headquarters on the right bank.

Rockefeller said it’s of upmost importance for her and her husband David Rockefeller Jr. to thinkabout sustainability. “We are really in a state of emergency in terms of climate change and the work that we need to do to reach sustainable development goals,” she said.
“There are many solvable ways that we can do that,” continued Rockefeller. “One of the mostinteresting forces is to use business, be innovative and look at responsible innovation.”
Agnes Webster, Karine Ohana and Susan Rockefeller talking of fragrance history at Fragonard Museum.
Leslie Zemeckis , Justine Hutteau, Karine Ohana , Susan and David Rockefeller

That was the focus of the evening, and a number of entrepreneurs at companies with a similarvocation presented to the guests, including:
Respire, a clean, natural deodorant brand, based in France;
La Bouche Rouge, a luxury eco-lipstick line, based in France;
Mother’s Choice, a maker of next-generation personal-care products, based in Israel;
CuraLife, a producer of condition-specific natural supplements, based in Israel; curing diabetes with natural plants and projecting solving high tension and asthma issues.
Biologique Recherche, a personalized skin-care brand using pure, raw active ingredients, basedin France, and
Watergen, an innovative concept producer of water from air, based in Israel.
Other brands represented were Kerluxe and Face D.

Rockefeller hopes people move from consumption to creativity. “That’s why I’m so interested in the arts — and innovation in the arts,” she said, adding with her husband they share the mantra: “To protect what is precious.”
David Rockefeller Jr. thanked the entrepreneurs for having told their stories. His story is 150 yearsold, starting with his great grandfather, who founded the Standard Oil Co. Rockefeller musedabout what his family member would have done today were he creating a company.

“Knowing what we do, I don’t think he would have been extracting oil from the ground,” saidRockefeller. “He would have been extracting sun and heat from the middle of the earth, and the wind from the atmosphere.
“It’s really interesting to think about that,” continued the philanthropist. “He probably helped to save the whales. Whale oil was the principle source of illumination for lamps. We need to thinkabout [how] as we do one thing, what are the possible benefits and the possible liabilities. I saluteall of you who are thinking so carefully about that.”
Laurent Dassault and Susan Rockefeller gathering at Ohana & Co
David Rockefeller honored at versailles here with Ariel Ohana

David Rockefeller was honored the next day at Versailles the Philantropy Price at the occasion of the celebration of 100 year Versailles treaty. the Rockefeller family has been instrumental in Versailles renovation after the war. David Rockefeller and Ambassador Jamie Mc Court were pleased to give speeches in front of a vast assembly of representatives during a beautiful diner gala.
Juillet 2019
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