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Alpine Slovenia: Activities among the highest mountains and the wildest waters

Alpine Slovenia is a world of friendly and accessible mountains and hills. On the one hand, natural treasures of the highest peaks, green valleys and the most beautiful Slovenian lakes are protected by the fairy tale Goldhorn, while on the other, dome- shaped hills meet the town with the oldest vine in the world. Hiking and biking trails which take you to beautiful views are only part of exceptional opportunities for activities provided by nature all year round.

Explore Triglav National Park and discover nature at its purest

Slovénie © Eeva Makinen

The park’s trails will lead you to countless gems of nature. Observe and take photos of wildlife in the company of a tour guide or visit multi-vision presentations and exhibitions at its tourist information centres.

Experience (fifty) shades of green!

Kayaking, Soca river, Kobarid, en Slovénie © Aleš Fevžer.jpg

Enjoy rafting, canyoning, the longest zip line in Europe, and other sports and adrenalin challenges. Visit natural swimming spots or go fishing. Enjoy views of the Soča from the air or from vantage points on hiking trails. And while you certainly don’t want to miss out on tasting world-renowned culinary delicacies prepared by chef Ana Roš, you could drop by at several other gastronomic stops by the Soča.

Enjoy the cosmopolitan lake Bled

Bled en Slovénie © Janez Tolar

Take a ride in a traditional "pletna" boat to the island of Lake Bled, the icon of Alpine Slovenia, ring the bell in the church for good luck, visit Bled Castle for the most impressive views, and taste the famous Bled cream cake.

Enjoy Bohinj responsibly

Zajamniki en Slovénie © Tomo Jeseničnik

Bohinj, an area in the Triglav National Park is part of Alpine Pearls network, which supports sustainable travel. Opt for a public transport here. Hop aboard the museum train and take a ride on the picturesque railway. Visit the International Wildflower Festival.

Taste The Alpine Slovenia

The Carnolian sausage

If you haven‘t tasted a slice of bread spread with zaseka, or a few slices of sausage and Bohinj, Kobarid or Bovec cheese, or a spoonfull of honey, you have never visited Slovenia‘s wonderful Alpine region. Grazing livestock, forests rich in forest fruits and wild game, buckwheat and grain fields, crystal-clear rivers and lakes teeming with trout, along with ower-dotted fields luring honeybees are the basic elements contributing to the culinary diversity of this part of the country, which includes tasty varieties of buckwheat and maize žganci mash and buckwheat, millet and barley groats (kaša). Turnips stuffed with groats, cabbage with potatoes, apple sauce with kidney beans, boiled dough dumplings called krapi, stuffed with curds, millet groats or minced dried pears seasoned with melted lard, are local culinary specialities. The local marble trout, Bohinj trout and brook trout are rolled in buckwheat or maize trdinka flour, which is grown in Bohinj, and deep fried.
Avril 2019
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