A hundred years of Soulages : Rodez honours its artist

Rodez, the capital city of the Southern French region of Aveyron, proposes an exceptional year in honour of the "Master of Ultra Black" who was born there a century ago.

An eclectic program

Miguel Chevalier, Pixels liquides © Simulation Pixels Noir Lumière Miguel Chevalier
Portrait d’Yves Klein réalisé à l’occasion du tournage de Peter Morley « The Heartbeat of France »
Dans le reflet du ciel © Christian Lapie
Miguel Chevalier, L'Origine du monde © Simulation Pixels Noir Lumière Miguel Chevalier
Francs Colleurs Festival Anima Bruxelles © Jules Hidrot

The programme focuses on 7 themes, running from remarkable to musical, monumental, startling, surprising, spectacular, and utterly tantalising. Gigantic Christian Lapie’ sculptures, ‘Master of Blue’ Yves Klein’s paintings, jazzman Archie Sheep’s concert, contemporary lighting of the cathedral and a host of culinary discoveries, all kind of activities will animate the city all year long.

An exceptional collection

Musée Pierre Soulages RCR – Photo Photothèque Rodez agglomération Pep Sau
Musée Pierre Soulages © RCR – photothèque Rodez agglomération photo Jean-Louis Bories

In the five years since its official opening, Museum Pierre Soulages has grown into an irreplaceable cultural place. Built in a contemporary style in ‘corten’ steel, the museum was conceived to house the artist’s major works as well as establishing a dialogue with its environment, notably the pink limestone cathedral. Thanks to Pierre Soulages and his wife’s several gifts, the museum is home to the largest collection of the artist’s paintings worldwide. The architectural design by RCR Arquitectes from Cataluña was awarded the Pritzer Price in 2017. The museum also houses "Café Michel Bras", elected World’s Best Chef in 2017.

An imaginary museum

Miguel Chevalier, Digital Supernova © Simulation Digital Supernova Miguel Chevalier

Fenaille Museum is where the artist discovered archaeology at a tender age. A temporary exhibit will pay tribute to his passion for primitive, roman and popular arts. Contemporary art is one of the many events to be discovered and experienced wandering through the city, enhanced with contemporary light shows and artistic creations from the past thirty years. Treasure hunts, musical readings, artisanal competitions and virtual reality displayed on the front of the cathedral will all be part of the not-to-be missed cultural experience Rodez is programming this year!
Février 2019
By La rédaction